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Starting in a few Toronto locations, you’ll be able to get your Tim Horton’s coffee in a reusable cup which you’ll pay a small deposit for.

Most people need some form of morning coffee stimulation and if you’re anything like me, then getting your coffee ready at home before you leave the house isn’t always possible.

While many people use their own travel cups to reduce the mountains of coffee cup waste, this still doesn’t seem like it’s made a large enough difference.

The chain of coffee shops Tim Hortons in Canada has thought of a way to solve the problem in a customer-friendly manner.

Starting in a few Toronto locations, you’ll be able to get your coffee in a reusable cup which you'll pay a small deposit for. The next day, you can either get your deposit back or simply exchange the cup for a clean one.

Treehugger recently highlighted why they think this could become a huge success.

“This is a fantastic partnership with the potential to be very successful, especially since Tim Hortons has such a loyal clientele. People often go daily, fitting a stop into their morning routine, which makes it easy to get into a cycle of returning used cups whenever they pick up new ones.”

Let’s see how well this trial goes, and if the likes of Starbucks and other chains will copy the idea.

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