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Biden Aims for Government to Become Carbon Neutral by 2050

President Joe Biden has signed an executive order to make the US federal government carbon neutral by 2050.

This executive order is part of the Biden Administration’s extensive sustainability goal and appeals to the government to cut emissions by 65% by 2030 and become totally net-zero by 2050. 

Environmental Leader reports that the same package plans for 100% carbon-free electricity by 2030, 100% zero-emission government vehicles by 2035, and making all government buildings net-zero by 2045. 

“The executive order says the government will work with utilities, developers, technology manufacturers and other resources to develop no-carbon electricity using sources like wind and solar power. It also says it will procure clean energy resources that are always functional, which will result in developing at least 10 gigawatts of new US electricity by 2030.”

The good news is that the executive order is bound to improve domestic supply chains and even create jobs in the green sector. 

The US government is already a big “client” — it has 300,000 buildings, 600,000 vehicles in its fleet, and purchasing power of $650 billion of goods and services. 

Transitioning all these to net-zero standards could give a financial boost to many domestic industries. 

The government will work with utilities, developers, technology manufacturers, and other suppliers to develop zero-carbon electricity like wind and solar. 

In addition to transforming its federal fleet and improving building efficiency, the order aims to make federal supply chains more sustainable. 

By doing, so the government will provide a resilient market for sustainable goods in the US.

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