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A Solution To California’s Clean Energy Storage Problems

Clean energy in California has been advancing at a rapid pace, and now the state with some of the most suitable weather for solar energy production might be able to step things up even more.

Business Wire has reported that this could be the first step in dealing with grid congestion. 

“As more and more intermittent renewable power is added to the California grid, energy storage becomes increasingly important. The Johanna ESS project will be a stand-alone source of short-term energy storage that can relieve grid congestion and store power for up to four hours during periods of oversupply from renewables.”

The turnkey battery solution will come from Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas, Inc. (MHPS). And the system will store quite a staggering amount of electricity.

With 20 MW of storage, this is one of the largest such projects, and MHPS expects to have it ready for activation by the end of 2020.

In a state where the main hurdle to more industrial-scale solar energy production is intermittent availability, this could become a game-changer.

If a project like this can come online so fast, then there is no reason for more investments not to follow and make sustainable energy production achievable in a much more aggressive timeframe.

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