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A UK company called Briiv has taken the first steps to creating a truly natural air purifier.

For many people, air purification is a must-have in their homes, and a UK company called Briiv has taken the first steps to creating a truly natural air purifier.

Many common air purifiers use filters made from materials that are neither renewable nor compostable. While they may work well to deal with toxins, pollen, and pet dander, they aren’t eco-friendly options.

Now, you could increase the number of plants you have in your home, but in most cases, you’d end up living in an indoor jungle to get the same effects.

But Briiv has come up with a compact solution that uses dried moss, coconut husk fibers, charcoal, and wool.

Now you might wonder how effective such materials are.

As it turns out, the filter will clear the air in an average size room in about 30 minutes.

That’s impressive by any standards, and Inhabitat has some background details.

“The innovative, four-layered filter is made using a combination of sustainably sourced dried moss, natural coconut husk fiber, activated charcoal and wool. Astino wool is the same chosen by NASA for its spacecraft air filtration for its natural ability to remove harmful bacteria and particles while fighting off airborne viruses. The 100% natural filter removes harmful toxins, animal dander, VOCs, mold spores and fine particles from an average-sized living room in about 30 minutes. It is completely plastic-free and meant to return to the earth at the end of its life, degrading into the soil of your garden or in your compost pile within a matter of months.”

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