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3D-Printed Vegan Salmon Fillets To Hit U.S. Market

While 3D printing has evolved a lot from creating plastic molds to advanced high-tech medical equipment, one company has taken a completely new look at how we could be creating 3D printed food. 

Revo Foods is a tech startup that is aiming to disrupt the plant-based food industry by printing seafood like salmon filets. 

The company already offers a pea protein product that has a similar texture and taste to salmon, but the creation of a 3D printing system could be one of the biggest innovations in the food industry. 

An EcoWatch report had some additional details about the sustainability of this product.
“The seafood is packaged in a recyclable paper outer packaging and a recyclable plastic interior packaging. While the energy sources for the 3D printers are unknown, 3D printers don’t require a lot of electricity to operate.”

The most interesting thing about this project is that if this becomes a scalable solution, then we could get to a stage where we print our own food at home. It might sound like Star Trek science fiction, but with a 2024 launch, this could soon become a reality.

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