From ethical fashion to growing your own food, check out these sustainability blogs for living a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

48% of US consumers say that they’re ready to start changing their habits in order to save the environment. That’s basically half of all consumers in the US.

But where do you start?

For a lot of people who want to live a sustainable green lifestyle, environmentalist blogs are a great place to get inspired. Environmental bloggers share sustainability blogs, how-tos, photos, videos, and guides about sustainable living from their unique perspectives.

Here I’ve rounded up 20 environmental blogs, whether they’re focused on environmentally friendly life choices, ethical fashion, growing food, eco-friendly products, or simply reducing your impact on climate change.

Let’s get to it.

20 Sustainability Blogs from Top Sustainable Bloggers (2023)

1. Treehugger

Founded by entrepreneur and eco-advocate Graham Hill back in 2004, Treehugger is now the world’s #1 information website about mainstream sustainability.

This site gathers over 31 million readers each year, which is astonishing, to say the least.

In 2007, Graham sold Treehugger to Discovery

Treehugger has many practical everyday tips, such as eating edible garden weeds or finding 19 clever uses for spare rubber bands.

It’s about everyday environmentalism you can sink your teeth into.

Some eco blogs can get a little preachy or self-righteous at times, but Treehugger is opposed to any kind of self-important “I’m better than you” writing, instead embracing new people who want to learn more.

They’re also really good at holding “greenwashed” companies accountable for their actions, which we’re all here for!

sustainability blog Treehugger

Image Credit: Treehugger

2. EcoWatch

EcoWatch has emerged in recent years as one of the go-to sustainability blogs that provides up-to-date environmental news stories about climate change and tips for living an eco-friendly life. 

Not a day goes by where the team of researchers, writers, and editors doesn’t post new content about everything from green living to sustainable fashion and green technology to movie and documentary recommendations. 

The team also regularly provides updates on sustainable development from around the world, giving readers not just the typical doom and gloom stories. 

And if you want to learn more about sustainable food, what’s happening in the world of politics, and how to make the transition to a carbon-neutral and zero-waste home, then EcoWatch is where you will learn it all. 

So, naturally, EcoWatch sits on the second position of my list of sustainability blogs. 

Sustainability blog Ecowatch

Image Credit: Ecowatch

3. Earth911

It’s hard to believe that this sustainability blog started its life in the 90s as a simple recycling database. 

The progress this team has made over the last 20 years in transitioning to one of the most authoritative resources on sustainable living is absolutely amazing. 

It still has one of the web’s largest recycling databases, but you now also find tons of information. 

Earth911 covers tons of subject areas — sustainable living tips, increasing your energy efficiency, buying more eco-friendly products for your entire home, and up-to-date news and science about climate change.

It really is a one-stop shop for finding daily changes and sustainable practices. 

I must say, Earth911 seems almost like a encyclopedia for eco-conscious netizens. 

Clearly, one of my favorite websites for spending some free time. 

Sustainability blog Earth911

Image Credit: Earth911

4. Inhabitat

Inhabitat is a green design and lifestyle blog founded in 2005 by eco-conscious designer Jill Fehrenbacher. 

The blog is based on the concept of eco-friendly design, whether that’s buildings, t-shirts, products, or anything else.

In fact, Jill the founder is a LEED-AP green designer and green design consultant.

You can find their homepage full of upcoming "green" building and projects. If you're an architecture student or a design enthusiasts in general, you'll love browsing through Inhabitat's contents.  

A long-standing environmentalist blog with an army of loyal followers, Inhabitat has positioned itself as one of the leading voices on sustainable design and natural living.

Sustainability blog Inhabitat

Image Credit: Inhabitat

5. Eartheasy

Focused on green living, growing produce, and gardening, Eartheasy is the brainchild of Greg Seaman.

Greg is an environmental activist who started living a sustainable lifestyle in the 1970s.

This was when he and his family moved to a remote island in the Pacific Northwest with no electricity or services. After three decades of living sustainably, he started this blog in 2000.

Eartheasy is divided into subcategories depending on your interests, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Article sections include Health and Wellness, Science and Technology, and Off-Grid and Preparedness. He also has multiple Guides divided into Eat, Play, Wear, Live Grow, Move, and Give. 

Aside from actionable blog posts, they also offer sustainable products at reasonable prices on their website.

Sustainability blog

Image Credit: Eartheasy

6. Sustainable Jungle

This is one of the great sustainability blogs that has also branched out into podcasting with great shows featuring ethical living, sustainable development, wildlife preservation, and creating a more sustainable world from all possible angles. 

The podcasts should be on your subscription list, and they are a great way to fill a commute or a lazy weekend morning. 

You’ll also find endless sustainable lifestyle tips that include urban gardening, fashion, and sustainable brands in the beauty and personal care industry. 

If you want to become one of the more conscious consumers, then this is one of the must-follow sustainability bloggers. 

In short, if you're looking for a good source of eco-conscious podcasts to listen during your daily commutes, check out Sustainable Jungle.

Sustainability blog Sustainable Jungle

Image Credit: Sustainable Jungle

7. Sustainably Chic

Sustainably Chic has a great motto that carved out a niche in the sustainable fashion sector: Because fashion can exist responsibly. 

Natalie is the creator of this blog, and she has a professional background in the fashion industry that has given her insights into where the biggest problems are.

Each Sustainably Chic blog post aims to help readers to become more aware of issues. 

But it goes further than that. 

Natalie also provides actionable advice that will make it easier to bring sustainable innovation and ethical living into your fashion choices. 

And there are some amazing gift guides that will impress your friends and family while also reducing their carbon footprint. 

Sustainability blog Sustainably-Chic

Image Credit: Sustainably-Chic

8. The Good Trade

Started in Los Angeles back in 2014, The Good Trade is all about sustainable slow living, which might be right up your street.

Most of the articles on this website are focused on beauty wellness and glamor. 

The Good Trade gives you the skinny on eco-friendly perfumes, clothes, makeup, shampoos, and more.

In my honest opinion, The Good Trade is probably one of the best source of guides on sustainable living. 

Though the heart and soul of The Good Trade is all about living a sustainable life, this blog hasn’t lost sight of being entertaining.

You'll have a great time going through this blog. 

They talk about various fun and important topics, including love and self-care, which helps to make their website balanced and well-rounded.

Sustainability blog The Good Trade

Image Credit: The Good Trade

9. Moral Fibres

Moral Fibres is one of our favorite sustainable bloggers from the UK. 

Wendy is at the center of this eco-blog.

 She posts regular updates that help readers with ethical living, cost-saving sustainability hacks, sustainable style for fashion and furniture, and taking more steps to a waste-free life. 

Her green living guides also include many ethical brands and product recommendations.

And, she has a great way of breaking down large issues and ideas into smaller chunks that make them easier to understand and address in your own life. 

You’ll also find advice on making your home and garden greener and even growing your own healthy food. 

Sustainability blog Moral Fibres

Image Credit: Moral Fibres

10. Going Zero Waste

Created by Kathryn Kellogg from the San Francisco Bay Area, Going Zero Waste is a modern and well-designed blog that’s all about — you guessed it — going zero waste.

Kathryn started the blog after getting a breast cancer scare and wondering about all the toxic non-natural products she was putting into her body.

As such, she now writes and posts about sustainable natural products. She also has many fun quick-read articles on the blog like “10 easy swaps for a plastic-free July” and “8 ways to save money on your water bill.”

Did I tell you that Kathryn has three amazing books under her belt?

Yes, she's awesome!

If you want to improve your self-care while shunning harmful fast fashion and industry practices, then this is the sustainability blog for you.

Sustainability blog Going Zero Waste

Image Credit: Going Zero Waste

11. Insteading

A delightful play on the words “instead” and “homesteading”!

Insteading is a sustainable living blog with over 1,500 free blog articles and resources on homesteading and self-sufficiency in the modern world. 

Founded by Kane and Kristina Johnson after moving to their Seattle homestead in 2011.

This unique blog focuses on topics like gardening, composting, farming, upcycling, and building tiny houses off the grid.

Honestly, this blog is a gem for all the DIY enthusiasts out there. 

Especially, their Building Plans section is full of useful information. This is probably favorite thing about Insteading. 

Personally, I love anything tiny house-related and this is blog is full of great resources for designing and maintaining a tiny house. 


Image Credit: Insteading

12. EcoCult

EcoCult is a relatively new sustainability blog. 

But it goes to show that a commitment to spreading eco-friendly ideas, addressing the climate crisis, and making changes to help future generations can pay off within a few years. 

The blog contents mostly cover topics such as fashion and beauty.  

Alden Wicker started the blog in 2013 with the idea of bringing a science-based approach to shopping sustainably in the fashion, beauty, and travel industry. 

The blog focuses on recommending products and brands that have a proven track record of corporate social responsibility.

It’s also well worth subscribing to the newsletter to receive all the latest green news and product tips. 

Sustainability blog EcoCult

Image Credit: EcoCult

13. Luci’s Morsels

This is one of the great sustainable living blogs for parents and families to make sustainable choices and address countless environmental issues that most human beings are not aware of. 

You’ll find regular updates on how to ensure your home produces less waste and, at the same time, make a positive impact on the circular economy. 

There are also plenty of sustainable style and beauty tips for women, with many recommendations for new brands and even DIY beauty tips. 

If you have a young family, then this is one of those sustainability blogs that you shouldn’t miss out on. 

A great thing about Luci's Morsels is that blogs are practical and the guides are realistic — one can easily follow and implement the guides in real life. 

Sustainability blog Luci's Morsels

Image Credit: Luci's Morsels

14. Eco Warrior Princess

Eco Warrior Princess was founded in 2010 by Jennifer Nini, an activist, and certified organic farm owner. 

On the website, she talks about environmentalism and feminism in blunt, no-bullcrap ways. 

The whole Eco Warrior Princess website is very professional, and her dry style of writing makes boring ethical living blogs seem much more entertaining!

You should definitely give it a try!

As well as sustainable living, Jennifer is dedicated to equality and social justice, helping to lift up other women with sustainability blogs and companies.

A true warrior, indeed!

Sustainability blog Eco Warrior Princess

Image Credit: Eco Warrior Princess

15. Small Footprint Family

As you may have guessed, this blog is all about reducing your carbon footprint through your lifestyle choices. 

Started by Dawn, a writer, and small business owner, Small Footprint Family features sustainability blogs dedicated to natural remedies, non-toxic home items, nutrition, recipes, growing produce, and more.

There are many niche topics to dive into here, and SFF even has a YouTube channel.

They mostly create thought-provoking listicle-style videos about healthy living and an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Dawn herself is an expert in stormwater management, sustainable landscaping, tree care, and urban agriculture.

She’s somewhat of a green living expert if you ask me.

Sustainability blog Small Footprint Family

Image Credit: Small Footprint Family

16. Mindful Momma

Mindful Momma is all about providing actionable tips about clean eating and creating eco-friendly families. 

The regular blog posts cover everything from non-toxic cleaning tips to sustainable home decor and sustainable style and beauty products. 

There are brilliant sections in the blog on DIY home tips and loads of free resources to help you lead a more sustainable and happy life. 

If you’re completely new to making loads of small changes to your lifestyle, then definitely check out the Get Started section.

You’ll find the best tips that have the biggest impact on sustainability. 

DIY enthusiasts, assemble!

sustainability blog Mindful Momma

Image Credit: Mindful Momma

17. Onya

Started by Jon Broussan back in 2004, Onya is an eco-friendly company selling sustainable shopping bags, coffee cups, lunch wraps, tote bags, backpacks, drink bottles, and much more! 

As well as selling various sustainable products.

You could say that Onya is more of eco-friendly online store than a blog. 

But don't undermine their impressive blog section.

Upon finding the blog, I fell in love with the contents.  

Jon updates the Onya website with blogs about living a sustainable lifestyle.

On the Onya blog, you’ll find fun articles about food storage tips, zero-waste parties, sustainable living products, and more.

sustainability blog Onya

Image Credit: Onya

18. Attainable Sustainable

Kris Bordessa, a freelance writer, first started working toward a self-reliant, sustainable lifestyle back in 2011. 

After growing up on an apple farm in Northern California, Kris is now based in Hawaii.

She has written a book in collaboration with National Geographic, all about sustainable living, and her Attainable Sustainable blog contains even more of her personal wisdom.

The blog sections are divided into Eat, Make, Clean, Grow, Farm, and Trek.

It gives you a ton of different guides and how-tos to explore in your mission to live a more sustainable life every day.

Living sustainably can indeed be attainable!

sustainability blog Attainable Sustainable

Image Credit: Attainable Sustainable

19. Treading My Own Path

Australia-based Lindsay Miles has been giving talks on Zero Waste and “Near-O Waste” since 2013. 

Now she runs a brilliant sustainable living blog called Treading My Own Path.

Here, she shares guides and how-tos on stuff like freezing food in glass jars, garden renovations, growing vegetables, and much more.

Lindsay has a very punchy and witty way of writing, setting her apart from many sustainability bloggers in this space.

Mostly focused on food and composting, TMOP is a fun resource if you want to get environmental tips from a naturally gifted writer.

Lindsey also wrote two amazing books on sustainable living — The Less Waste No Fuss Kitchen and Less Stuff. 

Please, do check them out!

sustainability blog Treading My Own Path

Image Credit: Treading My Own Path


We hope you enjoyed this list of the best sustainable living bloggers of 2023. From slow fashion beauty tips to homesteading and DIY projects, there are tons of blogs that can teach you to live a more sustainable lifestyle that benefits your physical and mental health while also reducing stress on the environment.

It doesn’t have to be boring and drab!

So, whether you’re a fashionista disrupting the garment industry or a homesteader growing your own lettuce, there’s a blog out there for you. I and the GreenCitizen team are discovering exciting new blogs every day, so watch this space for updates on more amazing sustainability blogs.

Have fun, and remember to live green! 

Chris is one of GreenCitizen’s writers who has been a long-time advocate of individual responsibility when it comes to the environment. He shares GreenCitizen's passion for making the world a better place every day of the year.

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