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From ethical fashion to growing your own food, check out these sustainability blogs for living a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

48% of US consumers say that they’re ready to start changing their habits in order to save the environment. That’s basically half of all consumers in the US.

But where do you start?

For a lot of people who want to live a sustainable green lifestyle, environmentalist blogs are a great place to get inspired. Environmental bloggers share sustainability blogs, how-tos, photos, videos, and guides about sustainable living from their unique perspectives.

Here I’ve rounded up a list of environmental blogs, whether they’re focused on environmentally friendly life choices, ethical fashion, growing food, eco-friendly products, or simply reducing your impact on climate change.

Let’s get to it.

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19 Sustainability Blogs from Top Sustainable Bloggers

1. Treehugger

Imagine a world where sustainability isn't just a buzzword but a lifestyle. This is the vision that entrepreneur and eco-advocate Graham Hill brought to life with Treehugger in 2004. As the world's #1 information website on mainstream sustainability, Treehugger stands out with its impressive reach, drawing over 31 million readers annually.

In 2007, a major milestone occurred when Graham sold Treehugger to Discovery. This transition marked a new chapter in spreading eco-awareness.

What makes Treehugger unique? It's their practical, everyday tips. For instance, who knew there were 19 clever uses for spare rubber bands? Or that your garden weeds could be part of tonight's dinner? These small, digestible tips make sustainability feel achievable for anyone.

Treehugger's charm lies in its approachable environmentalism. Unlike some eco-blogs that may seem preachy, Treehugger welcomes newcomers with open arms. They focus on learning and growing together in our eco-journey.

Moreover, Treehugger isn't shy about tackling 'greenwashing'. They've become adept at holding companies accountable, a stance that resonates with many of us. It's not just about calling out wrongdoing; it's about promoting transparency and honesty in environmental claims.

In essence, Treehugger is more than a website; it's a gateway to everyday environmentalism, one that invites and inspires without overwhelming. It's a community where everyone, regardless of their eco-knowledge, can take a bite out of sustainability.
sustainability blog Treehugger

Image Credit: Treehugger

2. EcoWatch

Imagine a world where staying updated on sustainability is as easy as a click. This is what EcoWatch brings to the table, emerging as a premier sustainability blog. It offers a treasure trove of environmental news, from climate change insights to tips for eco-friendly living.

Daily, the dedicated team at EcoWatch shares new content. Topics range widely, covering green living, sustainable fashion, green technology, and even eco-friendly movie recommendations.

Importantly, the site goes beyond the usual doom and gloom. It brings uplifting updates on sustainable development from across the globe, showcasing progress and innovation.

For those eager to dive into sustainable food, political impacts on the environment, or transitioning to a carbon-neutral, zero-waste lifestyle, EcoWatch is a goldmine of information.

Thus, it's no surprise that EcoWatch proudly holds the second spot on my list of top sustainability blogs. This ranking reflects its diverse content and commitment to empowering readers with knowledge and actionable insights.
Sustainability blog Ecowatch

Image Credit: Ecowatch

3. Earth911

Reflecting on Earth911's journey, it's hard to believe it began in the 90s as a simple recycling database. Witnessing its transformation over two decades into a leading authority on sustainable living is nothing short of remarkable. Initially focused on recycling, it now offers an extensive array of resources.

Earth911 has indeed evolved significantly. Its website boasts one of the web's largest recycling databases. Moreover, you'll discover a wealth of information on various topics. These range from sustainable living tips and energy efficiency to eco-friendly home products and the latest climate change news.

This site stands out as a comprehensive hub for daily eco-friendly practices and sustainable changes. Think of Earth911 as a vast encyclopedia, tailored for eco-conscious netizens.

Personally, I find it an exceptional resource, easily one of my favorites for spending free time. Earth911 isn't just a website; it's a testament to how far we've come in embracing sustainability.
Sustainability blog Earth911

Image Credit: Earth911

4. Inhabitat

Inhabitat, launched in 2005 by Jill Fehrenbacher, stands out as a green design and lifestyle blog. Fehrenbacher, an eco-conscious designer, founded it with a vision for eco-friendly design in all forms, from buildings to everyday products. Her expertise as a LEED-AP green designer and consultant lends credibility to the blog's content.

On their homepage, you'll find a showcase of upcoming 'green' building projects and innovative designs. It's a treasure trove for architecture students and design enthusiasts, offering a deep dive into the world of sustainable aesthetics.

Transitioning smoothly from a niche blog to a respected authority, Inhabitat has amassed an army of loyal followers. Today, it is celebrated as one of the leading voices in sustainable design and natural living, setting trends and inspiring eco-friendly practices worldwide.
Sustainability blog Inhabitat

Image Credit: Inhabitat

5. Eartheasy

Eartheasy, a hub for green living, growing produce, and gardening, was founded by environmental activist Greg Seaman. Back in the 1970s, Greg embarked on a sustainable lifestyle journey. This adventure began when he moved his family to a remote island in the Pacific Northwest, living without electricity or services.

After three decades of this sustainable life, in 2000, Greg launched Eartheasy. His rich experience directly informs the blog's content and ethos. The site is thoughtfully divided into subcategories, catering to various interests in sustainable living.

Readers can explore sections like Health and Wellness, Science and Technology, and Off-Grid and Preparedness. Greg also offers comprehensive Guides, organized into themes such as Eat, Play, Wear, Live, Grow, Move, and Give.

Beyond informative blog posts, Eartheasy stands out by offering sustainable products at reasonable prices. These products align closely with the blog's mission, providing practical solutions for a green lifestyle.
Sustainability blog

Image Credit: Eartheasy

6. Sustainable Jungle

Sustainable Jungle is a standout in the realm of sustainability blogs, having expanded into the podcasting world. Their shows feature diverse topics such as ethical living, sustainable development, and wildlife preservation. They approach creating a sustainable world from numerous angles.

Adding their podcasts to your subscription list is a wise choice. They're perfect for enriching your commute or relaxing on a lazy weekend morning.

The blog doesn't stop at podcasts. It offers a wealth of sustainable lifestyle tips. Topics range from urban gardening to fashion, and even sustainable brands in beauty and personal care.

For those aiming to be more conscious consumers, Sustainable Jungle is an essential follow. Their content consistently delivers insightful, actionable advice.

In summary, if eco-conscious podcasts are what you seek for your daily travels, Sustainable Jungle is your go-to source. It's a treasure trove of information and inspiration for a greener lifestyle.
Sustainability blog Sustainable Jungle

Image Credit: Sustainable Jungle

7. Sustainably Chic

Sustainably Chic stands out in the sustainable fashion sector with its compelling motto: 'Because fashion can exist responsibly.' The brain behind this blog, Natalie, brings her professional fashion industry experience to the forefront. Her insights reveal the industry's most pressing problems, enriching the blog's content.

Each post on Sustainably Chic is more than informative. It's a guide to becoming more aware of fashion-related issues.

But Natalie's approach extends beyond awareness. She offers actionable advice, empowering readers to integrate sustainable innovation and ethical practices into their fashion choices.

Additionally, the blog features exceptional gift guides. These guides not only impress friends and family but also contribute to reducing their carbon footprint. Natalie's unique blend of industry knowledge and commitment to sustainability makes Sustainably Chic a go-to resource for eco-conscious fashion enthusiasts.
Sustainability blog Sustainably-Chic

Image Credit: Sustainably-Chic

8. The Good Trade

Launched in Los Angeles in 2014, The Good Trade focuses on sustainable slow living, which might just capture your interest. The website primarily features articles on beauty wellness and glamour. It's a treasure trove for anyone seeking eco-friendly options in perfumes, clothes, makeup, shampoos, and more.

In my opinion, The Good Trade excels as a source of sustainable living guides. However, what truly sets it apart is its engaging content. The blog masterfully combines sustainable living with entertainment, ensuring an enjoyable reading experience.

Delving into this blog, you'll find a delightful mix of topics. They cover everything from love and self-care to fun and important discussions, creating a well-rounded and balanced website.

So, if you're looking for a blog that seamlessly merges sustainability with fun and glamour, The Good Trade is definitely worth your time. It offers a fresh perspective on eco-conscious living without losing the joy and excitement of exploration.
Sustainability blog The Good Trade

Image Credit: The Good Trade

9. Moral Fibres

Moral Fibres stands out as one of our top sustainable bloggers in the UK, with Wendy's vibrant personality at its core. Her blog is a treasure trove of updates on ethical living, featuring everything from cost-saving sustainability hacks to sustainable style in both fashion and furniture. Wendy skillfully guides readers towards a waste-free life with her engaging posts.

What sets her apart is her knack for breaking down complex issues into digestible pieces. This approach makes it easy for readers to understand and apply these ideas in their own lives. Her green living guides don’t just stop there; they're packed with recommendations for ethical brands and products.

Additionally, Wendy offers practical advice for greening your home and garden. Her tips for growing healthy food at home are especially popular, illustrating her commitment to empowering readers with knowledge for sustainable living. Moral Fibres is more than just a blog; it’s a journey into a greener, more ethical lifestyle, led by Wendy’s insightful and accessible approach.
Sustainability blog Moral Fibres

Image Credit: Moral Fibres

10. Going Zero Waste

Going Zero Waste, created by Kathryn Kellogg from the San Francisco Bay Area, is a stylish and insightful blog dedicated to a zero-waste lifestyle. Kathryn's journey began after a breast cancer scare, prompting her to reevaluate the toxic, non-natural products in her life. This personal experience fueled her passion for sustainable natural products, which shines through in her blog.

Kathryn's posts are both informative and engaging. You'll find quick-read articles like '10 easy swaps for a plastic-free July' and '8 ways to save money on your water bill', making sustainability both fun and accessible.

Did you know that Kathryn is also an accomplished author with three amazing books? Her work extends beyond the blog, offering in-depth insights and practical tips on eco-conscious living.

If you're looking to enhance your self-care routine while avoiding harmful fast fashion and industry practices, Going Zero Waste is the perfect resource. Kathryn's blend of personal experience and expert advice makes this blog a must-read for anyone aspiring to a more sustainable lifestyle. Dive into Going Zero Waste and start your journey towards a healthier, more eco-friendly life today!
Sustainability blog Going Zero Waste

Image Credit: Going Zero Waste

11. Insteading

Insteading cleverly combines 'instead' and 'homesteading' in its name, perfectly capturing the essence of this sustainable living blog. With over 1,500 free articles and resources, it's a treasure trove for those interested in modern homesteading and self-sufficiency.

The blog was founded by Kane and Kristina Johnson, who embarked on their homesteading journey in Seattle back in 2011. They've since turned their experiences into a rich source of information on topics ranging from gardening and composting to farming, upcycling, and building off-grid tiny houses.

For DIY enthusiasts, Insteading is an absolute gem. I find their Building Plans section particularly impressive, packed with invaluable insights – it's my personal favorite. The blog's extensive resources on tiny house living, covering design and maintenance, are especially close to my heart.

If you have a passion for sustainable living and love hands-on projects, Insteading is the blog for you. It's more than just a blog; it's a community where you can learn, share, and grow in your journey towards a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

Image Credit: Insteading

12. EcoCult

EcoCult, a relatively new player in the sustainability blogosphere, is a shining example of how dedication to eco-friendly ideas and addressing the climate crisis can make a significant impact in just a few years. The blog, launched by Alden Wicker in 2013, brings a unique, science-based perspective to sustainable shopping in fashion, beauty, and travel.

Focusing primarily on these areas, EcoCult stands out for its recommendations of products and brands with strong records in corporate social responsibility. Alden's approach to carefully selecting and endorsing these entities is based on thorough research and commitment to sustainability.

Subscribing to EcoCult's newsletter is highly recommended for those interested in staying updated with the latest in green news and product tips. It's a valuable resource for anyone looking to make more informed, eco-conscious choices in their daily lives, especially in the realms of fashion and beauty. EcoCult doesn’t just guide; it empowers its readers to make a difference for future generations.
Sustainability blog EcoCult

Image Credit: EcoCult

13. Luci’s Morsels

Luci's Morsels stands out as a fantastic sustainable living blog, particularly for parents and families looking to make conscious environmental choices. This blog brings to light numerous environmental issues that are often overlooked. Regular updates guide you on how to reduce household waste and positively contribute to the circular economy.

For women seeking sustainable style and beauty tips, Luci's Morsels is a treasure trove. It features a plethora of recommendations for new brands and DIY beauty secrets. If you're a parent with a young family, this blog is an invaluable resource that shouldn't be missed.

One of the highlights of Luci's Morsels is its practicality. The blogs are not only informative but also offer realistic guides. These are easily implementable in real-life scenarios, making sustainable living achievable and straightforward. For families embarking on a journey towards a greener lifestyle, Luci's Morsels provides the perfect blend of practical advice and insightful tips.
Sustainability blog Luci's Morsels

Image Credit: Luci's Morsels

14. Small Footprint Family

As you might expect, Small Footprint Family (SFF), started by writer and small business owner Dawn, is devoted to helping you reduce your carbon footprint through thoughtful lifestyle choices. The blog encompasses a wide range of topics, from natural remedies and non-toxic home products to nutrition, recipes, and growing produce.

Diving into SFF, you'll discover many niche topics, each offering valuable insights. Additionally, the blog extends its reach through a YouTube channel, where you'll find engaging listicle-style videos. These videos focus on healthy living and eco-friendly practices, thoughtfully crafted to provoke reflection and inspire action.

Dawn, the driving force behind SFF, brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Her knowledge spans stormwater management, sustainable landscaping, tree care, and urban agriculture. To me, she's nothing short of a green living expert.

For anyone looking to embark on a more sustainable journey, Small Footprint Family is an invaluable resource. I encourage you to explore both the blog and the YouTube channel to uncover a treasure trove of eco-conscious living tips and ideas.
Sustainability blog Small Footprint Family

Image Credit: Small Footprint Family

15. Mindful Momma

Mindful Momma is dedicated to offering practical advice on clean eating and nurturing eco-friendly families. In its regular blog posts, you'll find a wealth of information covering a range of topics, from non-toxic cleaning methods to sustainable home decor and beauty products.

The blog shines with its brilliant sections on DIY home tips, complemented by an abundance of free resources. These tools are designed to guide you toward a more sustainable and joyful lifestyle. Particularly for beginners, the 'Get Started' section is a goldmine. It's filled with easy-to-implement tips that make a significant difference in sustainability.

For all you DIY enthusiasts out there, it's time to unite! Dive into Mindful Momma to explore, learn, and transform your lifestyle into one that's more mindful of the environment and your well-being.
sustainability blog Mindful Momma

Image Credit: Mindful Momma

16. Onya

Founded in 2004 by Jon Broussan, Onya has established itself as a leading eco-friendly company, offering a range of sustainable products like shopping bags, coffee cups, lunch wraps, and much more. It's not just a store; Onya also features a robust online presence with an impressive array of sustainable goods.

Though primarily known for its eco-friendly products, don't overlook Onya's informative blog section. When I discovered it, I was instantly captivated by its rich content. Jon regularly updates the blog with articles that provide insights into living a sustainable lifestyle.

The Onya blog is a treasure trove of information, featuring fun and informative articles on topics like food storage tips, organizing zero-waste parties, and discovering sustainable living products. If you're looking to enrich your knowledge about eco-friendly practices or find practical tips for sustainable living, Onya's blog is a must-visit. Dive into their website to explore both their innovative products and engaging blog posts.
sustainability blog Onya

Image Credit: Onya

17. Attainable Sustainable

Kris Bordessa, a freelance writer with a passion for self-reliance and sustainable living, began her journey in this field back in 2011. Raised on an apple farm in Northern California and now residing in Hawaii, Kris has a deep-rooted connection with nature. Her collaboration with National Geographic on a book about sustainable living further cements her expertise in this area. Her blog, Attainable Sustainable, extends this knowledge, offering an abundance of personal wisdom.

The blog is thoughtfully divided into sections: Eat, Make, Clean, Grow, Farm, and Trek. Each category is filled with comprehensive guides and how-tos, designed to help you navigate the path to a sustainable lifestyle. From kitchen tips to gardening insights, Kris's blog is a wealth of information for those looking to make daily sustainable choices.

Indeed, living sustainably is within reach, and Attainable Sustainable is a testament to that. I encourage you to delve into the blog and discover the many ways you can incorporate eco-friendly practices into your everyday life.
sustainability blog Attainable Sustainable

Image Credit: Attainable Sustainable

18. Treading My Own Path

Since 2013, Australia-based Lindsay Miles has been an influential voice in the Zero Waste and “Near-O Waste” movement. She now channels her expertise into her engaging blog, Treading My Own Path (TMOP). Here, Lindsay offers a plethora of guides and how-tos, covering everything from freezing food in glass jars and garden renovations to growing vegetables.

What sets Lindsay apart in the sustainability blogging space is her punchy and witty writing style. This distinct approach makes TMOP not just informative but also a joy to read, especially for those focused on food and composting.

Adding to her impressive repertoire, Lindsay has authored two remarkable books on sustainable living: 'The Less Waste No Fuss Kitchen' and 'Less Stuff.' These books are a testament to her extensive knowledge and commitment to the cause.

I highly recommend diving into both Treading My Own Path and Lindsay’s books. They are invaluable resources for anyone eager to embrace a more environmentally conscious lifestyle, delivered through Lindsay's naturally engaging narrative.
sustainability blog Treading My Own Path

Image Credit: Treading My Own Path


I hope you enjoyed this list of the best sustainable living bloggers. From slow fashion beauty tips to homesteading and DIY projects, there are tons of blogs that can teach you to live a more sustainable lifestyle that benefits your physical and mental health while also reducing stress on the environment.

It doesn’t have to be boring and drab!

So, whether you’re a fashionista disrupting the garment industry or a homesteader growing your own lettuce, there’s a blog out there for you. I and the GreenCitizen team are discovering exciting new blogs every day, so watch this space for updates on more amazing sustainability blogs.

Have fun, and remember to live green! 

Chris is one of GreenCitizen’s writers who has been a long-time advocate of individual responsibility when it comes to the environment. He shares GreenCitizen's passion for making the world a better place every day of the year.

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