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PM Rishi Sunak announces a UK-led science initiative focused on developing climate-resilient crops amid global food security challenges.

To fight global food insecurity, British PM Rishi Sunak will announce a new crop science initiative. The UK hosts the Global Food Security Summit in London with multiple international partners.

Britain, Somalia, the UAE, the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, and the Gates Foundation co-host the summit. Over 20 countries are represented, showing a united response to food security issues.

PM Sunak stresses the need to tackle food insecurity's root causes. He said, "We must address global food insecurity's unseen causes." He mentioned challenges like Russia's Ukraine war and natural disasters affecting food supply.

Sunak reaffirms the UK's commitment to solving these global challenges.

The initiative includes a virtual science hub led by CGIAR, focusing on food security. It connects UK scientists with global efforts to develop climate-resilient, disease-resistant crops.

The British government will also release a White Paper on international development. This policy aims to address poverty and climate change beyond just aid money. It emphasizes mobilizing finance and leveraging innovation.

To combat food insecurity, the UK pledges up to 100 million pounds in humanitarian funding. This supports countries like Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, Afghanistan, and those facing climate disasters like Malawi.

The UK's approach combines scientific innovation and humanitarian aid to tackle global food insecurity. It shows the need for international collaboration and innovation in feeding the growing population amid climate challenges.

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