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Singapore’s HAPPIEE! introduces plant-based shrimp and calamari to UK stores. Explore how this sustainable shift is reshaping the future of seafood dining.

Singapore-based Growthwell Foods is making waves in the UK with its innovative plant-based seafood alternatives. The company's brand, HAPPIEE!, is set to introduce vegan versions of popular seafood items like shrimp and calamari to British consumers.

Available now at Ocado, a leading online grocer in the UK, HAPPIEE!'s offerings range from plant-based shrimp, both plain and breaded, to squid rings and breaded calamari. These products are priced between £2.25 to £2.62 ($2.84 to $3.30). The brand also has plans to launch its products in Tesco soon.

Beyond these seafood alternatives, HAPPIEE! is recognized for its vegan “Chickiee Nuggets,” “Chickiee Popcorn,” “Fishiee Sticks,” and “Fishiee Patties,” though these items are not yet available at Ocado.

According to EcoWatch

Growthwell Foods aims to cater to the rising demand for plant-based alternatives without compromising on taste or texture. The company stated, “We’re excited to offer a product which meets not only the demand of the growing sector but also offers everyone an opportunity to enjoy a plant-based seafood or meat alternative that doesn’t compromise taste or texture.”

HAPPIEE!'s products are not just about taste; they also offer nutritional benefits. Made primarily from konjac flour, derived from a starchy root vegetable, the seafood alternatives are a good source of fiber and provide at least 10% of the daily recommended protein value. Other products in the brand's lineup are crafted using soy, potato, or wheat protein.

The environmental benefits of these plant-based alternatives are significant. According to HAPPIEE!, their products reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 36% and require 84% less land and 72% less water compared to traditional animal-based proteins.

The global interest in sustainable, plant-based seafood is on the rise. Reports suggest varying growth rates for the market, with some predicting a compound annual growth rate of up to 42.3% by 2031. As the demand grows, HAPPIEE! joins other major brands like Impossible Foods, Good Catch Foods, and Gardein in providing vegan seafood products.

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