Haeckels Launches 100% Sustainable Anti-Aging Skincare Product

Called Bio Restore Membrane, Haeckel’s latest eye mask is an embodiment of their sustainability-first policy.

Between dozens of wrinkle-reducing creams and masks, sometimes it’s hard to make the right choice. On the other hand, there are only a few brands whose anti-aging formulas work for everyone and are 100% sustainable.

An environmentally-friendly company based in Margate, UK, Haeckels has launched a new totally natural skincare product that delivers. Called Bio Restore Membrane, their latest eye mask is an embodiment of their sustainability-first policy. From packaging to the product itself, everything about Bio Restore is waste-free.

According to GQ Magazine, “The eye masks are grown to order, meaning there is zero wasteful dead stock. After extracting agar from the cells of English seaweed, the Haeckels lab-based team infuse it with cucumber, witch hazel and aloe vera and heat it. Once all the ingredients have fused together, as the liquid cools the product begins to solidify and grow. After three weeks of growth, the eye masks are ready to be dehydrated and then laser cut, ready for use.”

The Bio Restore Membrane eye masks are completely natural with no nasty chemicals, so they are recommended for all skin types. Each mask is based on Haeckel’s one formula which, like many other products in their line, is made using ingredients found in the ocean.

The best thing is that the glassine paper sack the mask was delivered in is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Seems that both you and the planet are getting the anti-age pampering.

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