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Elon Musk’s Battery Farm Success Story Leads To Bigger and Better Projects

Elon Musk has not just been busy building EVs and launching rockets into space. He’s also been tackling the problem of storing renewable energy so that it’s available when needed.

For solar energy, that’s a particular problem, but Musk’s battery farm in Australia has been such a success that he’s now expanding it to even bigger proportions.

A report in Popular Mechanics had some details of the size of the new battery farm.

“Victorian Big Battery Megapack will be built about 40 miles outside Melbourne, and it’s double even the upgraded size of the existing Hornsdale Power Reserve. Like Hornsdale before, the Victorian Big Battery Megapack will become the largest facility of its kind in the world.”

The original project allowed for 100 MW storage, but this new one is bringing in much larger proportions with a plan for 300 MW.

Not only will this provide protection from blackouts and a much more reliable supply of electricity at night and on less windy days, but it’s going to help consumers with their bills.

Utility companies will be in a better position to set a price on renewable energy with fewer fluctuations. 

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