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Ontario-based BoMet Polymer Solutions has increased its processing capabilities for recycling electronic equipment and consumer devices.

One of the largest challenges with recycling electronic equipment and consumer devices is the combination of multiple different metals and plastics.

It’s a highly specialized process that takes time and effort. But Ontario-based BoMet Polymer Solutions has stepped up to the task and has increased its processing capabilities.

An article in Resource Recycling has revealed how the company has managed to achieve this.

“The float system is capable of sorting 12,000 pounds per hour, and the facility is currently running two shifts, five days per week. BoMET is planning to scale up to three shifts in the near future, Zhang said. The company is also planning to add a shredding system to handle baled plastics recovered from CRT devices, as well as a near-infrared system to sort individual grey and white plastics.”

The main source of the scrap electronics is the U.S. and Canada, but most of the pellets and regrind material goes to international markets, mainly in Asia.

That’s not surprising, considering it’s where the majority of electronic goods come to life. But it’s a positive note that North American firms are helping to reduce the eco-impact of electronics.

Other companies offering such a service have decided to expand further to multiple locations closer to the sources to make the processing that much more efficient and effective.

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