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As COP28 looms, Brazil unveils ambitious green legislation. Can these bold steps redefine Brazil’s global environmental leadership and tackle deforestation?

Brazil hopes Congress will pass some important green energy bills in the next 100 days. They believe this will show the world they're serious about cleaning up their act before the big COP28 climate meeting, an insider told Reuters on Friday.

Rodrigo Rollemberg from Brazil's development ministry shared that these bills will focus on more use of renewable energy, like wind power. This will help Brazil promise to be more "green" when countries meet in Dubai later this year for a United Nations climate chat.

Brazil's President, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, wants to change Brazil's image. Before him, there was a lot of tree-cutting in the Amazon under Jair Bolsonaro. Lula promises to stop this by 2030 and push for clean energy.

According to Reuters

Rollemberg listed four big things in these bills: creating a carbon market, rules for wind power, a new "Fuel of the Future" idea, and rules for green hydrogen. He said, "All these bills come together to help the environment and economy."

The "Fuel of the Future" idea is about making air travel fuel in Brazil more green. Boeing thinks Brazil can be a leader here. The government also wants to use old farmlands to make this fuel. They're also thinking of adding more ethanol to gasoline, Rollemberg added.

One top idea is to set rules for how companies can reduce their carbon footprints. This bill might go to Congress next week.

Rollemberg is hopeful. "We have 100 days till COP28. That's plenty of time for the bills to pass," he said. He believes Brazil can show the world it's ready to be a green leader.

Lastly, Brazil is hosting a big U.N. climate meeting in 2025 in Belem, a town in the Amazon.

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