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Bay Area City the First in the US to Ban New Gas Stations

The city of Petaluma currently has 15 gas stations, and city officials have decided they don’t need any new ones.

The city council voted unanimously to make this small North Bay city the first in the nation to ban the construction of new gas stations.

SFGATE reports that Petaluma is also targeting zero emissions by 2030, and encouraging existing gas stations to transition to battery and hydrogen cell stations.

"Within Petaluma there are multiple gas stations located within a 5-minute drive of every existing residence," the resolution states. "Therefore, there are adequate gas stations to serve existing and future internal combustion vehicles to the extent as they continue to exist."

Existing gas stations will not be allowed to add more pumps, but they can add more infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Environmental nonprofit Stand.earth supported the campaign, hoping that the decision will encourage similar rulings across the state.

Their campaign director, Matt Krogh, believes new gas stations will have a short shelf life, especially in California, where state climate targets are required by law.

Last year California Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order banning the sale of new cars with an internal combustion engine starting in 2035.

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