An NYC Store Becomes An Environmentalist’s Paradise

This store sells everything related to living sustainably, and every packaging is completely plastic-free.

Lauren Singer is a New Yorker who practices a zero-waste lifestyle every day. Guided by the idea that many people want to reduce their waste, but have little or no access to zero waste products, she launched Package Free Shop.

This store sells everything related to living sustainably — products that Singer uses herself every day in her zero-waste lifestyle.

According to Mashable Deals, Singer draws heavily from her own experience when it comes to managing the store. For example, when she looked to move away from plastic-packaged products, finding package-free shampoo was next to impossible — until she discovered a shampoo bar.

The list of multiple-use products that Package Free Shop offers goes on and on: shocked that about 500 million disposable plastic straws are used in America in a single day, she offers three amazing alternatives, together with a simple way to clean them.

All of the detergents and containers are refillable, so once you’re done with a jar of detergent, you can refill it in the store with no container wasted.

Every packaging in the store is completely plastic-free, and the shipping is done with 100% post-consumer materials. 

Reversing the common practice, Singer believes that the burden of waste should fall on businesses that manufacture products that create waste, and never on consumers.

Watch the video from Mashable Deals below:

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