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Nano-Technology Brings New Fuel Additives

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Until renewable energy is fully able to replace fossil fuels, there is going to be a continued reliance on gasoline to fuel cars and trucks. And while the shift to EVs is speeding up considerably, there’s still a need to make gasoline engines more efficient.

One such way is through fuel additives that make engines run smoother and more efficiently.

A technology company called FuelGems has now developed nanoparticles that require a much lower concentration in fuel to make quite a difference. 

Interesting Engineering has reported some interesting results from initial tests. 

“The state of the engines was compared afterward, and the results showed that the additive decreased CO2 emissions by 9 percent, soot by 6 percent, carbon monoxide emissions by 14 percent, and reduced the presence of unburnt hydrocarbons in exhaust systems by 50 percent.”

What’s even more interesting is that the company aims to be introducing the additive through the manufacturer rather than relying on consumers to add it at the pump.

Putting more responsibility on fuel companies like this would be the best way to reduce carbon emissions in the short term to bridge the time to a full switch to EVs

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