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Amazing 300-Acre Reforestation Success Story From India

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One couple in India has taken steps to see if they can help undo the damage that deforestation has wrought on the planet. And the results have exceeded even their own expectations.

Pamela and Anil Malhotra are the SAI Sanctuary co-founders, where they started with 300 acres of mostly barren land.

They bought up abandoned land that farmers had previously used for cultivating rice and coffee. As these crops drained the soil of nutrients, it became unusable for agriculture.

Pamela and Anil jumped at the opportunity to see if they could bring it back to life.

They started by planting grasses and then nature started taking over with small shrubs returning. These brought insects and birds, as well as the rapid growth of trees.

In a short video from Great Big Story, you can see some of the fantastic achievements at the SAI sanctuary. 

I was expecting some birds and smaller mammals. But it seems like their cameras regularly capture elephants and endangered wild cats as well.

And the trees are full of monkeys too. It’s become a wildlife sanctuary, and maybe this can be the recipe for much larger projects like this.

You can check out the video from Great Big Story below.

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