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A United Faith Approach To Dealing With Climate Change

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The city of Boulder, Colorado, has taken a wonderful approach to unify different faiths to create more awareness of global climate change.

On the 11th day of every month, faith communities get together and make themselves heard for a total of 11 minutes.

What does this sound like?

It’s actually quite amazing, as you’ll regularly hear a mix of church bells, Buddhist gongs, blows of the shofar, and recitals of Islamic songs.

This could be a new way of showing unity in humankind to come together and protect the environment.

As Earth Day reports, “Holding gatherings on the eleventh day of each month symbolizes the pressing reality of the climate crisis, while still giving members agency to change this reality. Motivated by various faiths, participants regularly challenge themselves and each other to take more actions for our planet. These manifest on the individual level, with personal changes to one’s lifestyle, and on the structural level, pushing for leadership and legislation that will build a healthier world.”

Instead of having a once a year day dedicated to reminding everyone how important it is to consider our impact on climate and the environment, it’s a way to create awareness more regularly.

And if different religions can unite in their message, then surely the general public can too.

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