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5-Star Floating Hotel Generates Its Own Innovative Power

Chris Bolt

April 14, 2021
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Architects have designed one of the most unique floating hotels in Qatar with a revolving center that ensures all hotel rooms have a constantly changing view over a 24-hour period.

One of the central concepts of the hotel is to make it a recreatable design for any coastal setting anywhere in the world. And with sustainability being at the center of construction and operation, it should become a blueprint for new forms of ecotourism.

The revolving design also provides a better opportunity to take advantage of solar and wind energy. But the hotel will also take advantage of tidal energy.

A report in Interesting Engineering shared some details about the unique combination of power sources.

“The hotel's solar panels and wind turbines would also help provide the space with renewable energy. Below water, the current would be harnessed with a tidal energy system as the hotel rotates so as to also produce power. ”

While there is no exact opening date, it could be as soon as 2025 for the first guests to visit this amazing new concept. 

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