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LifeLabs Develops “Weather-Proof” Clothes

Marina Maletic

November 7, 2021

Image: LifeLabs

A clothing apparel company, LifeLabs, made a smart clothing line. They used proprietary technology to make warmer, breathable clothes.

According to Treehugger, they claim this clothing will keep you 21°F warmer and 2 degrees cooler, with 30% less material.

"WarmLife uses less than a paper clip’s worth of aluminum to reflect 100% of your radiant body heat back onto your skin, with 30 percent less material than similar items for a higher warmth-to-weight ratio. WarmLife allows you to pack lighter, move more freely and lower your environmental footprint."

LifeLabs uses ultra-breathable and lightweight fabrics that ensure a comfortable fit. 

The unit for insulating clothing value is called “Clo.” One clo is equivalent to 70 degrees. This is the thermal insulation needed to keep a person comfortable while at rest.

LifeLabs says the clo value of their clothing is the same as a typical down jacket, with 30% less material used.

The company says clothing has a huge energy-saving potential that shouldn’t be ignored. They plan to expand this to other fabrics, such as car seats.

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