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High-Tech 3D Printing Meets Eco-Friendly Construction

Chris Bolt

August 31, 2020
Featured image for High-Tech 3D Printing Meets Eco-Friendly Construction article

When people talk about eco-friendly homes and commercial buildings, they immediately think about insulation and the latest green heating and cooling technologies.

Solar panels and small wind turbines are also great ways to reduce your carbon footprint at home. But really, how many people actually spend time considering the construction techniques used?

One of the most common materials used in construction is concrete, but according to some estimates, it could be contributing up to 7% of all carbon dioxide emissions.

Yes, 7%!

But now there’s a 3D printed building in Dubai that isn’t just eco-friendly but also has an amazing design.

According to The Guardian, “Concrete remains the primary material used in many construction projects but it cannot be recycled and requires a lot of energy to mix and transport. The research team’s aim is to print structures using the type of soil that can be found in any garden.”

And scientists at Texas A&M University have now been able to use highly sustainable materials to 3D print entire facades of buildings.

The CO2 savings are huge because they only use natural materials.

Once this concept is developed commercially, it would also save on transport costs as the main input material is actual soil.

It’s a truly innovative solution for the construction industry.

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