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Cleanlites Recycling Inc – 7806 Anthony Wayne Ave

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7806 Anthony Wayne Ave , Cincinnati, OH 45216, United States
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At Cleanlites Recycling Inc – 7806 Anthony Wayne Ave. Materials accepted: Alkaline Batteries, Batteries, Button Cell Batteries, Cell Phone Accessories, Cell Phones, Christmas Lights, Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFL), Computer Peripherals and Construction.

Material Accepted
Residential Drop-off Residential Pickup Business Drop-off Business Pickup

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Alkaline BatteriesBatteriesButton Cell Batteries
Cell Phone AccessoriesCell PhonesChristmas Lights
Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFL)Computer PeripheralsConstruction
CRT Computer MonitorsCRT TelevisionsDesktop Computers
Digital CamerasElectronicsFluorescent Tubes
HalogenHard DrivesHazardous Waste
High Pressure Sodium (HPS)IncandescentLaptop Computers
LCD Computer MonitorsLCD Flatscreen TelevisionsLead-acid Batteries-Non Automotive
LEDLightbulbsLights Ballasts
Lithium BatteriesLithium-ion BatteriesMarine Batteries
Medical Equipment-HandheldMedical Equipment-LargeMercury Thermometer
Mercury-Vapor Lamps (HID)Metal-Halide Lamps (HID)Microwaves
Neon LightNetwork SwitchesNickel-cadmium Batteries
Nickel-metal Hydride BatteriesNickel-zinc BatteriesPrinters
Projection TelevisionsProjectorsScanners
ServersSilver-oxide BatteriesSodium-Vapor Lamps (HID)
TabletsUPS BatteriesXenon Short-Arc Lamps (HID)
Zinc-air BatteriesZinc-carbon Batteries

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