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Here’s Why We Need 1.5 Degree Lifestyle & How to Achieve It

The system is bad, but our lifestyles leave an equally huge carbon footprint. This is why we need to make more sustainable choices every...
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Nature Restoration is Planned for Half a Million Acres in Scotland

Rewilding is planned for half a million acres in Scotland. This will help endangered species, the climate, and the local communities.
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Biden’s “Climate Corps” Program Excites Young Americans Looking for Green Jobs

A new exciting program is seeking funding in congress. It aims to tackle urgent climate challenges and create 1.5 million green jobs.
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California Governor Signs a Historic $15 billion Climate Package

California Governor Gavin Newsom signs a historic $15 billion package that aims to help the climate and protect the Californians from toxins.
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Boston Company Offers New Way of Recycling Li-Ion Batteries

A Boston-based company, Nth Cycle and the US Department of Energy, and developing eco-friendly ways of recycling Li-ion batteries.
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Dominion Energy Files for Approval of New Solar Projects

Dominion Energy files for approval of solar energy projects that could provide electricity for 250,000 homes in Virginia.
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EPA Reverses Trump Policy for Alaska’s Bristol Bay

The Biden administration stops the construction of the largest gold and copper mine in North America in Alaska’s Bristol Bay.
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Local Climate Action Leads To Huge Eco Investment

Eco-conscious Citizens of Ethica, New York secured a $100 million investment to climate-proof their buildings, with the aim to offset climate emissions by 2030.
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Positive News For Alaskan Wildlife

Trump administration's decision to grant oil drilling rights in Alaska has been ruled out by the U.S. District Court for Alaska, safeguarding Alaskan wildlife
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First Shipment of Fossil-Free Steel Delivered to Volvo

Biofuels and electric cars are good ways to reduce transport emissions. But what about the emissions caused by the car industry? Volvo has a...
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