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Panasonic Takes Responsibility For Its Carbon Emissions

Panasonic, the leading electronics company reveals that it is responsible for 1% of total carbon emission and now making plans to open zero-carbon factories....
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Kentucky’s Coal County Makes A Major Switch To Solar Energy

More authorities are joining the solar energy bandwagon — major solar energy plant investment strategically placed on top of old Kentucky coal mine.
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Germany Invests In Stadler Electric Trains

Germany’s rail network is moving towards high-tech battery-operated trains for regional commuter services.
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LED vs. Daylighting: What’s More Efficient?

There’s more evidence that we should turn to LEDs for lightning needs and keep windows for mental well-being and happiness.
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No More Natural Gas Allowed in New Buildings in NYC

New York City approves the gas ban in residential and commercial buildings, set to start in December 2023 and 2027 in large buildings.
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The JUMP Movement Wants Consumers to Focus on Nature

A new movement called JUMP encourages people to be more sustainable and spend less, and it’s becoming more and more popular among the youth....
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Biden Administration Reverses Trump Plans for Alaska Oil Drilling Projects

Biden administration announced that it’ll reverse the controversial Trump-era policy of opening up vast lands in Arctic Alaska for oil drilling projects.
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Australia’s First-Ever Passive Housing Project Is Ready

Following the well-established “Passive House” movement started from Europe, Australia’s first-ever passive housing project is ready to welcome residents.
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World’s Largest Coal Port To Be Powered By Renewable Energy

Port of Newcastle, the world’s largest coal port will be fully powered by renewable energy as part of decarbonizing the business by 2040.
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UK Government Will Pay Framers to Rewild Their Lands

UK government announces large-scale nature recovery projects to conserve species, provide wildlife habitats, and restore rivers and streams.
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