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Judge Restored Protection for Endangered Species Abolished by Trump

A federal judge from Northern California, Jon Tigar, restored a swath of the Endangered Species Act which was gutted by the Trump administration.

According to EcoWatch, the Biden Administration plans to introduce rules for the Trump rollbacks.

“The court spoke for species desperately in need of comprehensive federal protections without compromise,” Earthjustice attorney Kristen Boyles said in a statement from the plaintiffs emailed to EcoWatch. “Threatened and endangered species do not have the luxury of waiting under rules that do not protect them.”

Trump’s regulations passed in 2019 had several aims:

  • To remove the blanket rule, which gave equal protection to endangered and threatened species
  • Made it more difficult to protect species from the climate crisis because the government was given more freedom in interpreting the phrase “foreseeable future”
  • Made it more difficult to remove species from the endangered lists
  • Regulators were allowed to consider the economic impact of giving protection to threatened species.
  • Made it difficult to put new species on the endangered list and keep their habitat safe.

President Biden’s administration said they would work on making new regulations, but this can take years. Luckily, the judge decided to vacate Trump’s regulations, which gave protection to hundreds of species.

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