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Hong-En Lin’s innovative water catchment house, combining traditional techniques and local materials, wins award for tackling Africa’s water scarcity.

A groundbreaking design that tackles the issues of water scarcity and pollution in Africa earned "Special Recognition" in the Architectural Design category at the 2023 Design Educates Awards. The design, conceived by architect Hong-En Lin, is a water catchment house that innovatively combines local materials and traditional weaving techniques.

The design's centerpiece is its roof, ingeniously using a wooden structure complemented by a weaving device for collecting dew and rainwater. The harvested water is purified through a filtration system for drinking, cooking, and hygiene purposes.

The award-winning design showcases how architecture can confront critical global challenges. It merges local weaving culture with building and dew collection techniques to generate sustainable and economically viable solutions. According to Inhabitat, Lin's design takes advantage of locally sourced materials like bricks and wood, enhancing practicality while maintaining environmental consciousness.

In Africa, access to clean water remains a challenge with many embarking on journeys of up to three hours to find often contaminated sources. The design by Lin offers a blueprint to tackle these issues, underlining the role of architecture in offering clean water solutions and fostering community resilience.

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