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Innovative Solution Could Turn Plastic Into Hydrogen But At A Price

Plastic has become such a major issue for the environment that scientists have turned a lot of their attention to solving this problem in very innovative ways. A team of Scottish scientists has now come up with a solution that could turn plastic into hydrogen that could then be used as fuel. 

The technology has reached advanced stages, and Peel NRE has now invested $24 million in a plant that will process plastic in this way. The best part about it is that it’s a sustainable production facility that primarily focuses on plastics that currently can’t enter the cycle economy. 

A report in Treehugger had some details about how this technology works. 

“Plastic is basically a solid fossil fuel and that is what this plant is running on. They are using pyrolysis, or heating plastic to extremely high temperatures to make the syngas, which they are then turning into hydrogen and CO2.”

And that’s the main problem with this solution. While it creates hydrogen, it will also release a lot of CO2 into the atmosphere and is therefore not a green solution. 

Unless, of course, the company can find an innovative way to deal with the carbon emissions. 

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