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Garden Plants That Can Make or Dye Clothes

Chelsey Flower Show featured  "A Textile Garden for Fashion Revolution." This garden was created by Lottie Delamain and only included plants that can be used to make or dye clothes.

According to Treehugger, we live in a time where synthetic fabrics are mostly used to make clothes, so it’s good to be reminded of the power of plants to provide clothing.

"The crossover between these two disciplines had always interested me. While trekking in Vietnam, I came across families growing the plants to make their clothes and was so inspired by the close proximity between what they grow and what they wear and how intimately they understood the provenance of their clothes—a far cry from where we are in the west."

The garden wasn’t only made up of plants that can be used to make textile, but it was designed to look like textile. The designer planted plants in color blocks to make the impression of woven fabric.

There were also shallow reflective pools that looked like dye baths, and plantings were separated by paved “seams” on the ground.

The fashion industry is responsible for 35% of global microplastic pollution, with 700,00 microfibers released with one laundry load. Hopefully, fashion brands will turn to natural instead of synthetic dyes and natural fabrics instead of polyester.

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