Oatly Takes a Stand Against Fast Fashion With Upcycled Merch

An oat milk manufacturer, Oatly, came out with a line of upcycled vintage clothes, such as denim jackets and T-shirts to protest against fast fashion.

Oatly, a Swedish company that manufactures oat milk, is protesting against fast fashion with its ReRuns line.

According to Ecowatch, ReRuns is a collection of vintage clothing turned into stylish streetwear.

While brands are no strangers to having their own merch, a lot of them turn to T-shirts and tote bags. Oatly is taking a different route by creating a line using already existing pieces.

"Welcome to our not-so-little experiment in upcycling stuff into merch-like objects that skip the unsustainable cycle of fast-fashion in favor of thoughtfully made pieces as planet-forward as the propaganda they're covered in," Oatly says on the ReRuns webpage.”

The collection features a line of vintage denim jackets, each with a special message on the back. Oatly teamed up with ten artists to create the jackets, and the line has been successful, with almost all of the jackets sold out.

All the proceeds go to the Lower Eastside Girls Club, which offers free youth programming.

Apart from the denim jackets, there are vintage T-shirts, and the company is coming out with a line of sweaters in time for the holiday season.

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