KADA Celebrates Women Empowerment with Sustainable Clothing

Image: KADA

KADA, a Boston-based clothing company, makes a statement against the wasteful practices in the fashion industry. The brand heavily focuses on two things sustainability and women empowerment.

KADA proudly claims that every managerial decision revolves around waste reduction and conservation. For example, the company uses salvaged fabrics from our manufacturers.

Their experienced fabric selection team collects cotton manufacturing waste from other manufacturing plants and textile mills.

Then, they recycle those raw materials and make Cupro, a silk-like material. Not only this processed material is sourced from recycled material but also it is biodegradable. KADA also praises the closed-loop factory that constantly recycles water and other necessary chemicals.

My mission with KADA is to make clothing that is inclusive and can be worn by all women. We’re celebrating the concept of evolution — inward, outward, and systemic — and setting a new standard for sustainable production along the way.

Kassia Davis, Founder and CEO, KADA

Kassia Davis, the owner of KADA says that their new clothing line also aims to minimize the number of seams by using real-life prototypes to ensure a better fit and the highest level of comfort. This way, the company can avoid mass production and minimize surplus stocks.

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