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10 Most Promising Renewable Energy Stocks of 2022

Some investors have concerns over the renewable energy sector due to so many new companies with no track record, so we put together a...
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Netherlands Plans to Double Up Offshore Wind Farms by 2030

The Netherlands makes plans for building offshore wind farms. The country plans to have a wind farm capacity of 10 gigawatts by 2030.
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Largest Wind Farm in North America Is Now Operational

Largest wind farm ever built in North America, located in Oklahoma, which can produce 998 megawatts, is now operational.
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Italy Agrees to Six Wind Farms in Renewables Push

The six new wind farms should solidify Italy’s renewables portfolio while making its economy less dependent on Russian energy imports.
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Nordic Wind Power Production Reaches a Record High

Nordic countries have been experiencing a windy winter, which resulted in record production of wind energy across the region.
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U.K. to Invest $42 Million on Offshore Wind Projects

The British government announced to commit 30 million pounds to fund new offshore wind projects to lessen the dependence on fossil fuel.
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TransAlta Announces 300MW Clean Energy Project in Oklahoma

TransAlta Corporation announces that it is ready to launch two wind power projects in White Rock Oklahoma generating a total of 300MW electricity.
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Amazon Boosts Its Renewables Portfolio With 18 New Projects

Amazon is championing the sustainable way of running a business, now adding 18 new wind and solar projects in Europe and the US.
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Texas Farmers and Ranchers Embrace Renewable Energy

Texas farmers and ranchers are becoming symbiotic with the renewable energy sector and are investing in wind and solar energy.
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Offshore Wind Farms Get The Green Light From The White House

The White House has announced a major investment in offshore wind energy to power 10 million homes.
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