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British Airways Operates a Flight on Recycled Cooking Oil

Marina Maletic

October 29, 2021
British Airways Operates a Flight on Recycled Cooking Oil

British Airways had its first passenger flight between London and Glasgow, powered by sustainable aviation fuel. This flight had 62% less CO2 emissions compared to a similar flight a decade ago.

According to the Guardian, optimal flight path, fuel made from recycled cooking oil, and electrified airport vehicles all contributed to the lowered emissions and made the flight carbon-neutral.

“The service was operated by BA’s special liveried “sustainability” plane, an Airbus A320neo, its quietest and most fuel-efficient short-haul model. The fuel was a 35% mix of sustainable fuels (SAFs) from BP – close to the maximum proportion currently permitted and higher than in similar demonstration flights.”

This flight managed to be carbon-neutral, with the help of air traffic control service Nats. They made sure there was no holding time during take-off and landing. Also, Heathrow airport used vehicles that are powered by green electricity to push the plane on the ground.

There’s still a lot of skepticism about sustainable air travel, and British Airways says all of these factors aren’t always available to create the perfect flight. However, it’s a glimpse into what could be real in the future.

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