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Undo For Tomorrow Creates a Range of 100% Vegan Sneakers

Undo For Tomorrow Creates a Range of 100% Vegan Sneakers


Undo for Tomorrow is a Brazilian brand, which switched its operations to Lisbon, Portugal. But the company still manufactures its products in Brazil, in partnership with a fair-trade factory. They use state-of-the-art machinery and only high-quality materials which come from the Brazilian market.

The vegan sneaker line called Nuven is gender-free, and it comes in four different colors: vanilla rainbow, desert camel, dark gray, and black bird. 

According to InHabitat, Undo for Tomorrow claims they last a long time and are 100% vegan. The shoes are made from recycled and natural materials. They also have a weatherproof coating which comes in handy in wet and cold weather.

The inner lining is made from fast-growing and sustainable bamboo fibers. Because bamboo is naturally antibacterial, it fights odors while absorbing moisture. The insole is made using castor oil, a natural oil extracted from seeds as an alternative to petroleum. Castor oil is also biodegradable, unlike plastic alternatives.

InHabitat commented on the Nuven shoe line-up

The uppers are vegan also. The outer part was made using vegan suede, made from recycled plastic bottles.

As for the sole of the shoe, it’s made from partially recycled smooth foam and discarded party balloons and tire pieces. When combined, this gives the shoes slip-resistant soles.

The company aims to have the first shipments out in August 2021.

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