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Proposed New York Law Could Change the Way We Recycle

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New York State Sen. Todd Kaminsky and Assemblyman Steve Englebright have introduced a bill that requires packaging producers to pay for recycling.

Bill S.1185 could change the way recyclables are managed all over the country, as the responsibility for the end-of-life disposal of packaging and paper products moves from local government to corporate producers.

According to ABC News, producers would be required to finance the recycling of their paper products and packaging materials, but also be rewarded for improving the recyclability of their products.

“The program would also create a funding mechanism to cover costs, and charges would be adjusted based on the rate of recycled content after it is used by consumers. If the bill were to be passed, no producer would be permitted to sell any covered materials unless it is covered by a PRO plan approved by state regulators.”

The bill will also provide financial relief to municipalities, modernize recycling systems and create green jobs.

Kaminsky said that localities are struggling under the burden of recycling costs, which then get passed on to taxpayers.

If the bill is passed, New York will be the first state to implement such a program.

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