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Positive News For Old Mining Sites

Positive News For Old Mining Sites

While mining regulations have changed a lot over the decades, there are still vast areas of land where mining has completely destroyed nature and the landscape. But an organization called Green Forests Work has stepped up to the challenge. 

In just a short space of time, they have planted over 3 million trees in the Appalachian region of the USA. And these are predominantly on land that coal mining has severely damaged. 

A report in The European Sting has highlighted some of the organization’s goals.

"Green Forests Work’s goal is to reforest the site near Daniel Boone National Forest. The forest was last mined more than 30 years ago and is now mostly barren with some invasive plant species. The nonprofit wants to restore the forest habitat so it can blend in with neighboring – and unmined – woodland."

Efforts such as these are vital for combating climate change, but they also provide a huge amount of relief for nature and wildlife. By reconnecting migration routes and providing more shelter for animals, we could see many old species flourish again. 

There’s also hope that more governments are supporting such organizations to start reversing the immense damage of deforestation around the world.

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