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Uber partners with EVDirect to bring 10,000 electric vehicles from China to Australia, sparking a green transportation revolution.

Uber is upping its green game in Australia. The ride-share giant is bringing in 10,000 electric vehicles (EVs) from China to support its environmentally-friendly initiatives.

This move is a result of a partnership between Uber and EVDirect, which represents Chinese electric carmaker BYD in Australia. It's now possible for drivers to get their hands on the BYD Atto 3 model, with prices starting at $48,000. And for those keen on ownership, EVDirect has a finance deal at $269 per week, leading to full ownership in four years.

While some of these new EVs will be resold to private users in about a year, this initiative is set to give a significant boost to Australia’s second-hand electric vehicle market.

As part of its global commitment, Uber Australia aims to be emission-free by 2040. The company is betting big on the business sector's interest in its guaranteed clean transport offering, called Comfort Electric. This push is meant to encourage drivers to transition from gasoline cars.

For riders who prioritize sustainability, Uber’s Green platform offers the choice to book rides in either electric or hybrid electric cars. Uber Australia's general manager, Dom Taylor, highlighted that businesses would be provided with pollution reduction data from EV use. This data can be integrated into their emission reports and used to determine their contribution to corporate climate goals.

In a reassuring note for drivers, Taylor mentioned that electric vehicles are becoming more cost-effective. “When we ask drivers about upgrading to an EV, two-thirds are interested. However, only 20% see it as a feasible option. High initial costs in Australia made hybrid cars more appealing,” Taylor shared. “But recent analysis shows EVs are now the most affordable choice."

Uber is eager to provide emission-free rides to everyone in the near future.

Currently, Uber boasts around 150,000 active drivers every month in Australia, with a mere 2,400 electric vehicles in its fleet. EVDirect's CEO, Luke Todd, is optimistic about the collaboration's impact. “We believe this is just the start. As people recognize the savings and ease of switching to EVs, we expect a massive shift,” he stated.

Drivers have the option to rent an EV for a year. EVDirect plans to resell these cars, anticipating a significant increase in second-hand EVs. 

Highlighting the broader environmental context, commuter vehicles account for 10% of Australia's yearly emissions. As the Albanese government deliberates on a new fuel efficiency standard, set to launch next year, Uber’s push for electric vehicles becomes even more relevant. This policy, commonplace in other developed countries, will urge car manufacturers to sell more EVs by setting emission limits.

Reiterating the need for governmental action, Taylor expressed hopes for stringent fuel efficiency regulations in the coming months. “As brands like BYD offer affordable options, we need strong policies to further accelerate EV adoption,” he concluded.

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