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The Body Shop announces a major initiative to introduce more refill stations and cut down on plastic waste.

The Body Shop is one of the most popular stores for all types of cosmetic and personal hygiene products. But one of the biggest problems has always been the immense amount of waste from all the plastic tubs and tubes that the products come in. 

And while recycling is always the right way to approach such plastic waste, it’s even better to have a system that allows you to reuse packaging.

By the end of this year, the company aims to have about 50% of stores set up with a refill service. You simply bring your empty containers into the store and ask for a refill.

And the aim is to further roll this out to all stores over the next five years. 

A Treehugger report had some further details about this plan. 

“Since April 2021, when refills were introduced in 400 stores internationally, an estimated 3.7 tons of plastic have been eliminated so far, equivalent to 170,000 plastic bottles. Now with another 400 stores being added in 2022 (including the U.S. ones), the amount of plastic saved will increase to at least 25 tons this year.”

That’s a huge amount of plastic that has found the best possible home, and it will be interesting to see how many times it will be possible to refill the containers. 

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