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Sublime Systems earns a key designation for its eco-friendly, fossil-fuel-free cement, paving the way for a sustainable construction future.

Sublime Systems is a familiar name in the realm of sustainable construction materials for making revolutionary strides. The company has earned an industry-standard performance designation for its innovative fossil-fuel-free cement, signifying that it meets the same strength and durability standards as conventional cement.

This designation, known as ASTM C1157, is a beacon of hope for industries striving to decarbonize, allowing Sublime Cement to compliantly replace ordinary cement under major U.S. and international building codes. It is a performance-based standard that is gaining traction among industries keen on adopting new materials to reduce carbon footprints.

Sublime Systems’ cement underwent rigorous testing by a Concrete Reference Laboratory-certified third party to ensure compliance with the standard. The company is also conducting additional testing in ready-mix concrete labs and in-field use cases to further validate its product’s reliability and performance.

According to Environmental Leader,
The company’s pilot facility is currently producing approximately 100 tons of cement each year, with plans to commission its first commercial plant in 2025. Sublime’s approach is revolutionary, replacing traditional kilns powered by fossil fuels with an electrochemical process paired with renewable energy, enabling the manufacture of “true zero” operations cement. This means the company does not rely on purchasing carbon offsets or carbon capture to reduce its emissions.

“Sublime is on course to make CO2-free cement that performs better and costs less than what pours out of concrete trucks today,” proclaimed Clay Dumas, general partner at Lowercarbon Capital. “Now, the ASTM C1157 designation paves the way for global adoption of the world’s cleanest cement.”

This development comes at a crucial time, with worldwide construction expected to surge in response to the growing urban populations. It is estimated that 70% of the infrastructure needed to accommodate this growth is yet to be built. Sublime’s carbon-free cement and other cement alternatives are pivotal to achieving decarbonization goals while meeting the demands of this scale of development.

The cement industry is a significant contributor to carbon emissions, accounting for about 8% of global emissions. Achieving the production standards needed to bolster the industry’s confidence in decarbonized material is a vital first step for the widespread implementation of Sublime’s product.

Sublime Systems is currently in discussions with customers to commence its first field pours by the end of this year, marking a significant milestone in the journey towards sustainable construction materials. The company’s advancements in creating fossil-fuel-free cement are not just a technological breakthrough but also a testament to the possibilities of creating a sustainable and eco-friendly future in the construction industry.

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