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New York completes its largest rooftop solar project, generating clean energy for over 1,600 homes annually. This paves the way towards equitable clean energy access.

In a ground-breaking development, New York State is now home to its largest rooftop solar project situated atop the distribution center of Medline Industries. The project, completed recently, is set to generate power sufficient to cater to over 1,600 homes on an annual basis.

With an impressive lineup of over 17,000 panels, the center will pump out 7.2 megawatts of solar energy, translating into 8.5 million kilowatt hours of clean power each year. This initiative will remarkably curb carbon emissions, reducing them by nearly 6,000 metric tons on an annual basis.

According to Environmental Leader, this landmark achievement aligns well with New York's Climate Act Goal, which aspires to commission 6 gigawatts of solar power by 2025, promoting equitable access to clean energy in the process. By enabling residents to opt for clean energy while also diminishing their energy costs, the project is indeed a feather in the cap of the state's clean energy endeavors.
Governor Kathy Hochul hailed the initiative, stating, “New York continues to be an example to other states with our aggressive development of renewable energy, and our commitment to clean, affordable solar is key to us successfully building a zero-emission electricity grid.”

She underscored the importance of the project as a major milestone that showcased the successful synergy between private investment and community-centered projects driving the state's clean energy transition.

The project, valued at $8 million, was partly backed by an investment of roughly $5 million from PowerFlex, a national supplier of clean energy sources for commercial use. The remaining funding came as a $3 million aid from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, as part of the NY-Sun initiative.

Community solar projects like this one offer a pathway for homeowners and renters to leverage the benefits of solar energy without necessitating the installation of solar panels on their residences. With the cost of solar panels and installation remaining steep, community solar projects have become an attractive alternative, primarily for households with an annual income exceeding $75,000.

By channeling solar energy directly into the electric grid, community solar projects allow nearby homes and businesses to tap into solar power via their regular energy provider.

This development has further solidified New York's position as the leading community solar market in the U.S. The industry within the state has seen an exponential increase in solar access—over 3,000% since 2012. This growth has not only generated jobs for approximately 13,400 individuals statewide but also driven down solar costs by a whopping 72%.

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