Major Lake Tahoe Cleanup With Unique Approach

A new type of cleanup operation in Lake Tahoe has revealed the importance of looking below the water surface. Scuba divers have started a project where they have removed over 25,000 lbs of human debris. 

As one of the most unique lakes on the West Coast, Lake Tahoe has been a center for summer and winter tourism, and that has unfortunately ended up with tons of waste in the lake. 

An organization called Clean Up The Lake started a volunteer project that involves cleaning up the entire 72-mile coastline. 

EcoWatch has reported about some of the things the divers have found. 

“According to nonprofit the Tahoe Fund, the divers recovered 25,281 pounds of trash that included engagement rings, Nikon cameras from the 1980s, large pieces of boats, lampposts, wallets and, of course, plastic bottles.”

In most cases, it’s not down to illegal dumping but mainly accidental. Nevertheless, it shows how important it is for this ecosystem to get this kind of attention and not allow such waste to build up. 

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