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Idemitsu plans a green revolution, turning its Yamaguchi refinery into a carbon-free energy hub by the 2030s.

In a significant shift toward sustainable energy, Japan's Idemitsu Kosan Co Ltd, the nation's second-largest oil refiner, announced plans on Monday to repurpose the Yamaguchi refinery into a leading center for carbon-free energy.

The transformation, slated for the 2030s, will pivot the refinery towards harnessing solar power and hydrogen, marking a notable departure from traditional petroleum refining.

The strategic move comes after Idemitsu's 2022 announcement to cease refining operations at the Yamaguchi plant, operated by subsidiary Seibu Oil, by March 2024. This decision aligns with the company's broader initiative to reduce its refining capacity, responding to the dual pressures of Japan's aging population and the global pivot towards more sustainable energy sources. These factors have notably decreased domestic demand for petroleum products.

Despite halting its refining operations, the Yamaguchi refinery, which boasts a processing capacity of 120,000 barrels per day, will not shutter its doors entirely. The facility is set to continue its role as a key logistical node, handling the reception, shipment, and storage of petroleum products.

Looking ahead, Idemitsu envisions the site as a beacon of green energy, focusing not only on energy generation but also on resource recycling and technological innovation. The company's roadmap includes the initial roll-out and subsequent expansion of carbon-free electricity, leveraging its solar power farms, among other sources, starting in the latter half of the 2020s. Further plans involve venturing into biomass and resource recycling sectors.

While the detailed blueprint for this ambitious transformation is still under development, an Idemitsu spokesperson confirmed that more comprehensive plans are on the horizon, promising a future where clean energy and sustainability are at the forefront of the company's operations.

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