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German plastic engineering company Igus has partnered with Dutch MTRL to launch a series of bike prototypes made entirely of plastic. 

Each part of these bikes is molded or 3D printed. 

While high-tech plastic is used for bearings and other high-tension parts, the frame and other components can be made from recycled plastic

Treehugger reports that plastic bearings have many advantages over traditional steel ones. They never need lubrication and are much more resistant to sand and saltwater. Ideal for beach bikes!

"Lightweight, lubrication-free high-performance plastics are used in all parts of the bicycle, from two-component ball bearings in the wheel bearings to plain bearings in the seat post, brake levers, and pedals. All of these components have integrated solid lubricants and ensure low-friction dry operation – without a single drop of lubricating oil. This ensures that sand, dust, and dirt cannot accumulate."

Cycling is probably the best option for urban mobility, but not every bike is equally sustainable. 

Raw materials are often bought in distant countries, and there are also long supply chains and high material wear. 

Now the two companies are rethinking every part of the bike to be locally sourced. The prototypes have frames made from recycled fishing nets!

MTRL plans to launch a child and adult bike in the Netherlands by the end of 2022. 

The price tag for these plastic bikes is a bit steep: 1,200 euros for virgin plastic, and 200 euros more for the one made of recycled plastic. 

The good news is that this bike looks so weird that guys with bolt cutters will probably give it a pass. 

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