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Collaboration Helps Boost Michigan Recycling Manufacturing

A tissue company, packaging manufacturers, and the state of Michigan have agreed to collaborate on improving Michigan’s infrastructure and manufacturing towards producing more sustainable materials.

The partnership has a task to help increase the recycling of food and beverage cartons and find more sustainable alternatives to polyethylene and poly/aluminum for packaging. 

According to Environmental Leader, the collaboration is between Great Lakes Tissue, the Carton Council of North America, and the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE), and in part by NextCycle Michigan.
“Funding for the project will provide Great Lakes Tissue with new equipment to improve the processing of poly and poly/aluminum residuals from the pulping process. It has helped the company significantly reduce the moisture content from the materials as well as process more cartons.”

Great Lakes Tissue says that the new equipment and technology have helped it reduce the water content in the materials from 65% to 17%.

Another benefit is that they managed to reduce the weight of the packaging which allows for more efficient transport and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

The best thing is that the company was able to recapture the water and recycle it back in the production process.

That’s a win-win-win!

Despite the opposition in the market, packaging companies are striving for sustainable materials and greener processes. Partnerships like these help increase the circular manufacturing of materials. 

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