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Toronto Zoo has created new plans to reinvent what it’s like for human and wild animals to interact by creating a pseudo-natural habitat.

Zoos are a great way to experience and admire nature from around the world without having to travel thousands of miles. But zoos have also not changed much at all over the decades, and that is set to change with new ideas coming from Toronto Zoo. 

More and more people don’t like the idea of zoos and having wild animals live in much smaller enclosures than what they would have in nature. So, the main idea is about changing the way humans and animals interact.

InHabitat had a report that detailed some of the drastic changes being proposed. 

“The new Toronto Zoo Master Plan rearranged how the land on the zoo site served the growing animal population. There is an animal rescue sanctuary near conservation science buildings on the north side of the site. To the northeast, wilderness and landscape built to mimic Eurasia’s climate are paired with an Australasia climate zone.“
It’s all about making the animals more at home and providing a more integrated human experience with education programs and other experiences. 

By creating a lot more micro-climates, it will also be possible for people to really experience what it would be like to see a wild rhino in Africa or a tiger in Asia. With that added appreciation and educational approach, this could be a new way for people to understand wildlife better.

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