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Near Zero Energy Building Project Launched For Next Olympics

Near Zero Energy Building Project Launched For Next Olympics

Image: SOM

Even though the last Olympic Games in Tokyo are only just over, plans are in full swing to create the next Olympic village in Italy. The winning architects in the competition were Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (better known as SOM), and it’s a company with a proven track record of creating sustainable living spaces. 

The project will involve a complete redesign of the Porta Romana district of Milan to create a sustainable and equitable space for locals to enjoy long after the athletes are gone. 

One of the important concepts for the design competition was not just to build living quarters for athletes for a few weeks. And the plan now is to transform part of the Olympic village into student accommodation and affordable urban living homes. had a report that highlighted some of the sustainable energy goals. 

Rather than ceasing to be of use after the Olympics, the Porta Romana Olympic Village will ultimately become a vibrant, self-sustaining neighborhood built around the principles of social equity, environmental commitment, wellness, and inclusivity. 

Colin Koop, SOM Design Partner

In addition to sustainable energy production, the new community will take advantage of stormwater collection systems and a water purification plant to recycle water. 

There will also be plenty of outdoor community spaces for locals to enjoy a completely new way of living in a sustainable way.

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