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A Green Solution For Tons Of Diaper Waste

A Green Solution For Tons Of Diaper Waste

Dirty diapers are a reality for pretty much every Western country, and with throw-away diapers being the preferred option for the vast majority of people, this adds a huge amount of strain for landfills. 

But what could you possibly do with dirty diapers to come up with a green solution?

Well, it turns out that there is a way to potentially turn them into recycled plastic, and that’s what an Israeli startup, UBQ Materials is trying to do. 

A report in WebForum has highlighted why this is such a big breakthrough. 

“Disposable nappies are among the materials that can be used to create UBQ's thermoplastic material. Nappies are especially hard to recycle because they are made from mixed materials, including plastic.”

What’s also interesting is that the company will aim to take lots of common landfill waste and use its technology to separate out all the different organic and inorganic materials. That means no sorting out of waste, and you still end up with usable plastic. 

It’s a huge step forward for the recycling industry as it could lead to a situation where there are huge time and energy savings in the recycling processes that further benefit the planet.

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