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Giraffe Population Is Rising — A Conservationists Dream

Samira Tasneem

December 26, 2021
Giraffe Population Is Rising

Finally, good news for all the animal lovers and conservationists around the world. The number of giraffes in the African continent has increased almost 20% since 2015. 

According to Giraffe Conservation Foundation, we can find a little more than 117,000 giraffes in Africa. Compared to 2015 numbers, that number has grown by 20%.

This is particularly positive news as this long-necked animal has lost about 90% of its original habitat over the last 300 years. As a result, we saw a 30% drop in their population in just three decades. The situation was so dire that the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) classified giraffes as a single species to be “vulnerable”. Researchers point that — aggressive habitat loss, poaching, and ecological changes were some of the major reasons that caused the population to dwindle. 

Amidst all this tension, an “increase” in the giraffe population is definitely a breath of fresh air. 

We are seeing a slow turning of the tide. Giraffes have lost almost 90% of their habitat in the last 300 years and their numbers have dropped by about 30% in three decades, but we are now reporting an increase of almost 20% in the last 5-6 years.

Stephanie Fennessy, Director of the Giraffe Conservation Foundation

Among the four common species of giraffe found in the African savanna, the number of Reticulated Giraffe has increased the most, almost by 85%. 

However, further actions are necessary to keep the giraffe population growing. Drastic habitat loss, habitat fragmentation, and rapid human population growth can still make a negative impact on the giraffe population.

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