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Could Paint Really Be A Solution For Carbon Capture?

Kukbong Kim, a design graduate came up with a new formula for indoor and outdoor paint made of recycled concrete that absorbs 20% of...
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German Architect Pushes Clay for Sustainable Buildings

Anna Heringer, a German architect proposed clay as a sustainable building material alternative in the 27th World Congress of Architects.
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A Green Transformation For Paris

Paris to redesign one of its oldest parks called Bois de Vincennes. Project managers reveal that it will be called the Garden City of...
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Near Zero Energy Building Project Launched For Next Olympics

Architectural firm SOM wins the contract to design the sustainable 2026 Milano Cortina Winter Olympics village with near-zero energy building design principle.
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Strive for Zero Carbon: Competition-Winning Urban Developments in European Cities

C40 Cities, a global organization with 97 member cities, announces the urban development design winners that implement innovative ways of eliminating carbon.
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Smart App Promises To Speed Up Solar Panel Application

Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has developed SolarAPP+ mobile application that will boost solar panel application process.
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French Ocean Adventurer Designs Sailboat That Feeds on Plastic

To help with plastic waste in the oceans, a French boat racer designed a sailboat that gobbles up plastic waste and turns it into...
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Tucson, AZ Makes Steps Toward Being the First City To Implement Zero-Waste Construction

The city of Tucson has begun working with Byfusion, a company that makes block-machines from recycled plastic.
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LA’s Magic Johnson Park Now Has a Stormwater Recycling System

The 126-acre Magic Johnson Park has recently undergone a sustainable renovation. One of the updates is a stormwater capture and recycling system.
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Sustainable Solar Powered ‘Vertiport’ Will Feature Air Taxis To Boost Eco Tourism

Chinese air mobility company EHang revealed plans for a “vertiport,” an innovative eco-friendly landing pad that produces solar energy to recharge taxi drones wirelessly.
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