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Sustainable Solar Powered ‘Vertiport’ Will Feature Air Taxis To Boost Eco Tourism

Chinese air mobility company EHang revealed plans for a “vertiport,” an innovative eco-friendly landing pad that produces solar energy to recharge taxi drones wirelessly.
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5-Star Floating Hotel Generates Its Own Innovative Power

Architects have designed one of the most unique floating hotels in Qatar that can become a blueprint for new forms of ecotourism.
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European Cities Are Making Space For Nature

In all the talk of sustainable cities, clean energy, carbon reduction, and sustainable transport, we often have the missing link — the green place...
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Mud Once Again Becomes Source Material For Sustainable Homes

A Serbian architect has dared to cross the line of stepping back in time when it comes to sourcing eco-friendly building materials liked mud.
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Norwegian-designed Treehouse Integrates With Nature In A Creative Way

Norwegian designers have developed a treehouse with real living space around a living pine tree.
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Captivating Sculpture Combines Botany and Architecture

TerraLiving has created a unique 3D-printed sculpture that could fit on your office desk and combines botany and architecture.
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Architect Takes on Sustainability With the Red Sea Project

Japanese architect Kengo Kuma is taking sustainability to a whole new level with a Red Sea project that aims to combine marine biology, Saudi...
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Bicentenary City: Peru Decides To Invest in Sustainable Urban Planning

By building the Bicentenary City, the Peruvian government has set an example for future sustainable cities across the country.
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Finnish Design Brand Produces Eco-Friendly and Compostable Fabric

The Finnish design brand Marimekko has partnered with an eco-friendly fabric startup company, and the partnership has finally brought about a new and innovative...
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Joost Bakker’s New Greenhouse Is a Model for the Home of a Future

Greenhouse, a zero-waste eatery, was launched by Joost Bakker in Melbourne’s CBD more than a decade ago, which led to more zero-waste restaurants following...
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