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Are you looking for a job in environmental companies? Check out our thorough list before sending your resume.

In today's world, many of us strive to make a positive impact on the environment and tackle climate change by reducing our carbon footprint. However, there's an aspect of our lives that holds immense potential for promoting environmental sustainability—our workplace.

Your choice of employer can significantly influence our planet's health.

If you're on the job hunt or considering a shift to a more eco-conscious career, it's crucial to pick a company genuinely dedicated to environmental preservation. The last thing you want is to land in a company that's all talk and no action when it comes to green initiatives.

For this article, I dived deep into research and came up with a list of 15 standout companies. These organizations aren't just making empty promises; they're at the forefront of the fight against global warming. Working for them means you're not just earning a paycheck; you're actively contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.

I remember when I first started looking for a green job. It was overwhelming! But then I realized it's about more than just recycling at the office or choosing digital over paper. It's about the company's values, its long-term commitment to the environment, and how it implements these commitments daily.

That's what you want to look for, and that's what these 15 companies offer.

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Top 15 Environmental Companies for A Green Career

1. Patagonia

  • Based In: Ventura, California, United States
  • Ethics: Sustainable material sourcing, animal welfare, climate action
  • Known For: Sustainable Clothing

Whether you’re a clothing designer, a warehouse manager, or sustainable energy engineer, Patagonia is a company that offers a lot of opportunities to join climate change activism. 

The company prides itself in being a fashion industry leader when it comes to ethically sourcing and transporting raw materials and implementing clean energy solutions to produce clothing that is guaranteed to last longer. 

What’s inspiring about this company is that the leadership team understands there's still a long way to go when it comes to creating truly sustainable products, but they're making more progress than any other company in the fashion industry. 

And many of the company’s innovations have been adopted by other companies, so you could be joining a true leader for positive environmental impact. 

2. Veolia Environnement

  • Based In: Aubervilliers, France
  • Ethics: Sustainable production, ethical sourcing, and human impact
  • Known For: Environmental cleanup
Veolia Environnement Logo

You would think that just by being the world’s leading environmental cleanup and waste management company, there would be enough positive impact on the environment. But the leadership of Veolia French company has set even higher standards in order to make the world a better place. 

One of the main priorities is that all the business’s operations have to end up making a net positive impact on the environment and human life. 

It helps people and companies to implement energy supply solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and also source clean water, and manage the waste coming out of businesses and homes. 


  • Based In: Dallas, Texas, United States
  • Ethics: Sustainable future and ethical treatment of all employees
  • Known For: Environmental services and engineering, sustainable construction
AECOM logo

AECOM has been awarded at the top of the most sustainable companies in the world for seven years in a row. And the reason for this is not just the fact that it’s involved in environmental engineering and construction. 

From the ground up, this company is all about prioritizing the well-being of its workforce and ensuring that every employee has opportunities to progress and make a big difference in their career and impact on business practices. 

The best thing is that this company has operations all over the world, so no matter where you are reading this from, there could be a job open for you. 

4. 4ocean

  • Based In: Boca Raton, Florida, United States
  • Ethics: Public benefit company
  • Known For: Removing plastics from the Oceans

If you want to get directly involved in cleaning up ecosystems around the world, the 4ocean is one of the best places to get involved. The registered B-Corp was founded by two surfers who didn’t want to sit idly by while the plastic was polluting the world’s largest ecosystem. 

The company is funding all sorts of projects, from creating innovative technologies to paying people in developing countries to help pick up plastics. 

The company even uses a lot of plastics to make bracelets that allow people to financially support the company. 

5. Clean Harbors Inc.

  • Based In: Norwell, Massachusetts, United States
  • Ethics: Enforcement of environmental regulations compliance
  • Known For: Environmental and waste management
Clean Harbors Inc logo

This company is another world leader when it comes to fighting pollution and climate change. The basic concept of the company is that wherever humans and companies come in contact with the environment, Clean Harbors should be involved. 

The services they provide include everything from waste management to emergency response services and safe handling of chemicals. 

If you’re a commercial vehicle driver or environmental engineer, you’ll probably have no problem finding an open job position to apply for. 

6. Tetra Tech Inc.

  • Based In: Pasadena, California, United States
  • Ethics: Renewable energy and social responsibility
  • Known For: Offshore wind farms
Tetra Tech Inc logo

Wind is still one of the fastest-growing renewable energy sources, and Tetra Tech is a fantastic opportunity for people to get involved in building the world’s largest offshore wind power grid. 

The company is constantly looking for people with construction, welding, and engineering skills in the renewable sector. Energy technicians manage the upkeep of the entire infrastructure, and the company has many entry-level jobs available with fantastic opportunities to grow a rewarding career. 

The company is also heavily involved in bringing education and innovation to communities around the country to spread the message of renewable energy usage. 

7. Allbirds

  • Based In: San Francisco, California, United States
  • Ethics: Net zero production and ethical raw material sourcing
  • Known For: Sustainably made shoes and socks
Allbirds logo

One thing I love even more than Allbirds shoes is the approach the company has taken that goes beyond the impact of its production facilities. Yes, the company sources sustainably harvested raw materials, but it aims to promote regenerative agriculture that goes beyond cotton, wool, and sugar. 

With a heavy investment in conservation efforts and helping nonprofit organization efforts to restore wild habitats, you could be joining a company that’s making a true difference in the world. 

And you never know; you might be the person who comes up with ways to bring the carbon footprint of the shoes down even further. 

8. Tentree

  • Based In: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Ethics: Sustainability, transparency, and reforestation
  • Known For: Sustainable clothing
Tentree logo

We’re on a roll here with sustainable clothing companies, and Tentree offers great opportunities for everything from clothing designers to manufacturing technicians and supply chain managers. 

If you look at the job opportunities available, there is a huge range of professions, and they all involve making environmental sustainability an even higher priority than it already is. 

Not only does the company aim to reduce its energy usage and source more renewables, but it also aims to limit waste output and water usage. There’s basically no aspect of the business that isn’t open to improvements, and you could be looking at a great opportunity to disrupt the clothing industry. 

9. Ecolab

  • Based In: Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
  • Ethics: Advance sustainable safety for every industry
  • Known For: Water, hygiene, and infection prevention solutions
Ethical Companies Ecolab

Here is another brilliant opportunity for many types of engineers and scientists from chemical and biological backgrounds. Ecolab has become a leading force in delivering services and solutions for companies all over the world to clean up their act. 

Not only does the company provide services to test for water and environmental pollution, but it also offers consulting services and project management solutions to help businesses implement new technologies to reduce their environmental impact. 

See, it doesn’t always have to be about making greenhouse gas emissions a priority, as so many other areas of the environment are at risk as well. 

10. Kao

  • Based In: Tokyo, Japan
  • Ethics: Prioritizing sustainability over profitability
  • Known For: Chemicals, hygiene, and beauty products
Ethical Companies Kao Corporation

While this company has headquarters in Japan, there are plenty of opportunities for jobs all over the world. The company aims to deliver products in the healthcare, hygiene, cosmetics, and chemical industries while taking a serious approach to analyzing all its impacts on nature. 

From the natural resources it uses as input materials to the supply chain and disposal of packaging, Kao likes to believe they think of everything. 

It’s definitely worth checking out the job openings around the world; whether you’re interested in becoming part of their education team or have goals of managing production teams, there are plenty of great opportunities. 

11. New Belgium Brewery

  • Based In: Fort Collins, Colorado, United States
  • Ethics: Humanizing business by putting employees first
  • Known For: Sustainably brewed beer
New Belgium Brewery logo

Most people would be very surprised at how much energy is involved in making beer. And even when companies take advantage of more renewable energy supplies, there can be a huge environmental impact from the raw materials and waste. 

New Belgium Brewery has taken some of the most drastic steps to ensure that the eco-impact is kept to a minimum. 

It’s not just the end product that makes the company’s employees happy, but you’ll also find that a management approach of humanizing a large company has a profound impact on staff and communities. 

If you’re based in Colorado, then this should be a top priority to get involved in a fun and rewarding career. 

12. Surfrider Foundation

  • Based In: San Clemente, California, United States
  • Ethics: Protection and enjoyment of oceans in a sustainable way
  • Known For: Cleaning up the Oceans
Surfrider Foundation logo

Even if the whole world switched to renewable energy this year, there would still be massive problems to solve, with the Oceans being victims of some of the most terrible pollution. 

That’s where this nonprofit organization comes into play with projects that are open to paid employees and volunteers. Many of the current staff of the organization started in volunteer roles, and you’ll probably find plenty of projects that you could get involved in. 

Check out the careers section on Surfrider website, as there are constantly new opportunities that might just make this one of the best decisions you make for your future. 

13. Oceana

  • Based In: Washington, D.C., United States
  • Ethics: Make our oceans as rich, healthy, and abundant as they once were
  • Known For: Ocean restoration
Oceana logo

This is another nonprofit organization to get involved in if you want to make a difference that doesn’t focus on energy efficiency. Oceana has set itself some of the most ambitious goals that might take generations to achieve, but that makes it also one of the best possible career prospects with plenty of work well into the future. 

From hiring biologists and engineers to operators and analysts, you’ll find there are many different opportunities available. The non-profit organization also has offices in many countries around the world, with new ones established on a regular basis. 

14. Rewild

  • Based In: Austin, Texas, United States
  • Ethics: Impacting the climate through biodiversity
  • Known For: Protecting and restoring wild habitats
Rewild logo

Rewild has taken a very clever approach to make an impact on the climate, and it all makes perfect sense even if you don’t have a Ph.D. in science. By restoring wild habitats and bringing nature back to maximum biodiversity, the aim is to restore the wild back to what it was before climate changes were triggered. 

The organization has partnered with 400 other partners around the world to create a network of people that can make it easier to get environmental projects off the ground. 

And that kind of work brings plenty of opportunities for people to make a huge difference that they can be proud of.  

What Are Environmental Companies?

What Are Environmental Companies

What does it mean for a company to truly care about the environment? It's not just about minimizing harm; it's about a company weaving its concern for the planet into every aspect of its business.

For these dedicated companies, being eco-friendly isn't a marketing gimmick. It's their identity.

They're not just selling products or services; they're championing a sustainable lifestyle. Every step, from creating their goods to delivering them to your doorstep, is done with the utmost respect for our planet. This includes choosing materials thoughtfully, packaging with care, and ensuring that their shipping methods don't leave a heavy carbon footprint.

But their commitment doesn't stop there.

These companies are also proactive in the larger battle against pollution and climate change. They might advocate for green policies, work to spread environmental awareness, support local green initiatives, encourage the use of renewable energy, or collaborate with fellow eco-conscious organizations.

Remember, a truly green company isn't just following the trends. They're pioneers, constantly pushing the boundaries of what it means to be environmentally responsible. They're not just trying to meet the standards; they're setting new ones.

I recall a time when I stumbled upon a small company that made eco-friendly stationery. It wasn't just about their products being recyclable. They ran on renewable energy, hosted community clean-up events, and every purchase contributed to reforestation projects.

That's the kind of holistic approach we're talking about when we say a company is environmentally friendly to its core.

Why Should a Company Be Environmentally Friendly?

ESG Environmental Companies

Why is it crucial for a company to care about the environment?

Let's break it down into simple, relatable reasons. First off, Earth is our home. It's the only one we've got! Every business, big or small, leaves its mark on the planet. The choices they make ripple out, affecting all of us in some way.

Next, think about how businesses operate. They use a ton of natural resources—from the materials they buy to the way they make and ship their products. It's essential that they do this thoughtfully and sustainably to ensure our resources aren't drained.

Also, let's talk about us, the consumers.

Nowadays, people aren't just buying products; they're looking to support brands that share their values, especially when it comes to caring for the planet. Companies that prove they're eco-friendly aren't just doing the right thing; they're also more likely to win customer support and loyalty.

Getting a climate-neutral certification is like a gold star for businesses. It means they're serious about calculating their carbon footprint and doing what's needed to balance it out. This isn't just good for the planet; it's good for business, too.

A report from Nielsen highlighted something interesting: 81% of shoppers think it's super important for businesses to help improve the environment.

And guess what?

Nearly a third of these folks are even willing to spend more on products that are made responsibly.

A Dramatic Shift in Consumer Behavior

Millennials Favor Environmental Companies

Now, let's talk about the power players in the market: Millennials and Generation Z.

These groups are not just big talkers; they're big spenders, with Millennials alone dishing out over $1 trillion. They care deeply about sustainability and are ready to back up their beliefs with their wallets.

So, for any business aiming to attract these influential buyers, embracing sustainability isn't just nice—it's a must.

I remember coming across a local coffee shop that switched to biodegradable cups and sourced their beans from ethical, sustainable farms. Their commitment not only reduced waste but also resonated deeply with customers, including me.

That's the kind of genuine, impactful action that sets a company apart in today's eco-conscious market.

How to Identify True Environmental Companies

Environmental Company certification

How do you spot a truly green company among the many claiming to be eco-friendly?

It's important to know the difference between those who are just jumping on the bandwagon and those genuinely dedicated to the environment.

Scan Their Website

First, take a deep dive into their website. A company that's truly committed to the environment won't be shy about it.

Their website will be a treasure trove of information, proudly showcasing their eco-friendly practices and the positive impact they're making. You'll often stumble upon fascinating details about their innovative approaches to sustainability—things you might never have imagined!

Look for Certifications

Next, keep an eye out for certifications. These are like badges of honor, showing that a company's environmental efforts have been recognized and validated.

For instance, the B Corporation certification is a big deal—it's like the Oscar for responsible businesses. If a company has this, it means they've scored high on the B Impact Assessment, excelling in areas like environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

Then, there's the 1% for the Planet certification. Companies sporting this badge commit 1% of their total revenue to environmental nonprofits. It's a serious pledge, showing they're invested in making a real difference.

And let's not forget about the climate-neutral certification. This one's all about carbon footprints—companies with this certification are actively measuring, reducing, and offsetting their carbon emissions, aiming for that zero net impact.

Remember, it's not just about what companies say; it's about what they're certified to do and what they're actively showcasing. It's like when I found a local bakery that not only used organic ingredients but also had a certification for sourcing its energy from 100% renewable sources.

It's that level of commitment and transparency that sets truly environmentally friendly companies apart.

Finding Environmental Companies for a Sustainable Future

Green companies stand out because they weave environmental care into every part of their business. They don't just focus on making money; they make sure their entire operation respects and protects our planet. This means everything they do, from how they create their products to how they run their offices, is done with the Earth in mind.

But being eco-friendly isn't just about using recycled materials or saving trees. It's a holistic approach. These companies take good care of their teams, actively support local communities, and ensure that dealing with them is a positive experience for their customers. These practices don't just help the planet; they make these companies fantastic places to work.

I remember visiting a company that not only used renewable energy but also had a garden where employees could relax and even harvest fresh veggies for lunch. Such commitment to sustainability and employee well-being is what sets true environmental companies apart, making them leaders and role models in both the business world and the wider community.

Best of luck in your journey to finding the top environmental companies for a job.

Chris is one of GreenCitizen’s writers who has been a long-time advocate of individual responsibility when it comes to the environment. He shares GreenCitizen's passion for making the world a better place every day of the year.

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