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Practical Tips On Finding Solar Sales Jobs

The number of solar sales jobs is growing rapidly and you should take advantage of this trend. But how do you become a solar sales rep yourself?

The number of solar sales jobs is growing rapidly and it's not hard to understand why. Solar represented about 2% of all U.S. electricity generation in 2019, yet its workers were nearly double what the coal industry, oil industry and natural gas sector employed.

There are different types of jobs within the industry. One of the most popular is probably solar installer jobs, but there are others as well, such as solar sales jobs. So if you’re into sales, then this might be the field for you.

But how do you become a solar sales rep? That's the question many job seekers ask when considering a career change into the solar sales field. Read on to find out to answer to that question.

How To Find Competitive Solar Sales Jobs And Get Accepted Into One

In 2020, almost the U.S. solar industry already employs almost 250,000 workers and that number is expected to grow. [1]

Because this industry is booming, there are plenty of positions available for solar sales reps. Start by looking online for "solar sales jobs" or "solar installation jobs" on GreenCitizen's Sustainability Job Board. This lists several companies that are hiring sales reps.

You can also start networking. The internet is a great place to find out about solar installation and sales jobs because it's full of networking and community groups. You should also visit trade shows, solar installation clubs, and other networking groups so you can talk to everyone you can about your dream of working in solar sales.

Before applying, make sure that the solar company has experience in installing solar panels. Then, the sales job description should mention that sales representatives must be trained in the installation of solar panels as well as the marketing of solar power.

A strong educational background in solar energy is also necessary because this is what will take customers to the next step — the installer.

Solar installation companies are constantly seeking good people for their sales teams so always have your resume and references ready and let your connections know that you're willing to train and work with them.

Job Responsibilities Of A Solar Sales Representative

The sales representative's duties will vary depending on the solar company but most include working with local government officials and utility companies to help them sell more solar energy.

You will also be responsible for contacting investors and other institutions to pitch the company's products.

You will work under the direct supervision of a sales manager or professional solar installer. Your responsibilities will include answering customer calls and explaining the benefits of solar energy as well as discussing installation options.

You are the first point of contact for both a solar installer and a potential client. That means you will be the person who contacts a potential customer and presents the company's sales pitch. [2]

In order to succeed in solar sales jobs, you need to have an earned degree in a field that qualifies as a solar energy-related career.

Having said that, solar-related fields are growing because of technological advances, specifically in battery technology. It has become increasingly easier to install solar panels for homes and businesses. The government is also helping with tax credits, making more money available for solar purchases and creating an environment where these products are not priced out of reach by most consumers.

Final Thoughts

Jobs in solar sales can be both entry-level and long-term. The best candidates are those who are interested in solar panel installations and have the drive to help make solar energy an integral part of the economy.

It can be tough going for the first few months but once you've proven yourself to company executives and local residents, it'll be much easier in the long run. If you are enthusiastic about making a difference, a career in solar sales jobs is something worth looking into, so head on over to the Green Jobs Board to find openings in this field that are now hiring.


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