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Danish Startup Leads Drone-Led River Cleanup

A combination of aerial and water-based drones are helping clean up rivers and canals.
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Steel Industry Might Soon Go Coal-Less

Europe’s ArcelorMittal, China’s Baowu Steel, and Japan’s Nippon Steel have committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.
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Biden Says Settlement Between Two South Korean Companies Is a Win for U.S. Electric Vehicle Industry

The agreement between LG Energy Solutions and SK Innovation goes hand in hand with Biden’s clean-energy agenda, which includes a rapid increase in the...
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Australian Supermarket Giant Promises To Use 100% Renewable Power by 2025

Australia’s supermarket giant Coles has vowed to source all of its electricity from renewable sources across its brands by 2025.
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What Benefits the Ocean May Also Benefit Businesses

A fledgling industry called the "blue economy" wants to prove that ocean conservation, sustainable fishing, and carbon sequestration can be good for business.
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Apple Sets New Milestone in Renewable Energy Solutions With Over 110 Suppliers

Apple announced that over 110 of its manufacturing partners around the world are moving to 100% renewable energy for their Apple production.
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Ad Agencies Say No to Fossil Fuel Clients

Many advertising and marketing agencies are ending contracts with big oil and gas companies, with Forsman & Bodenfors leading the way.
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Online Giant Leads the Way in Eco Restoration Funding

Mercado Libre, Latin America’s largest e-commerce store, has created a $400 million sustainability bond towards reforestation projects in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest area.
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Project Brings Light to Communities While Dealing With Plastic Waste

Liter of Light’s provides light to low-income households with an upcycling strategy that uses plastic waste.
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Smart Freezer Sensors Help Domino’s and 7-Eleven Cut Food Waste

Startup company Therma has developed a smart temperature and humidity sensor you can mount inside the freezer to record real-time data and send alerts...
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