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Danish Startup Leads Drone-Led River Cleanup

A combination of aerial and water-based drones are helping clean up rivers and canals.
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Biden Says Settlement Between Two South Korean Companies Is a Win for U.S. Electric Vehicle Industry

The agreement between LG Energy Solutions and SK Innovation goes hand in hand with Biden’s clean-energy agenda, which includes a rapid increase in the...
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LuminAID PackLite Max 2-in-1 Phone Charger Solar Lantern Review: Is It Worth Buying?

I break down everything about the LuminAID PackLite Max solar lantern — from how it’s a sustainable light to how it can be used...
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Scientists Develop Clever Ways To Recycle Wind Turbines

Have you ever wondered what happens to wind turbines and their blades when they reach the end of their productive life?
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Semi-Transparent Solar Panels Can Power Greenhouses Without Obstructing Sunlight

Greenhouses fitted with semi-transparent solar cells could be a new step in the development of sustainable farms.
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Canadian Scientist Makes Plastic Recycling Easier With Microwaves

Who would have thought that the technology that is one of the most convenient kitchen appliances could make plastic recycling so much more efficient?
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Smart Freezer Sensors Help Domino’s and 7-Eleven Cut Food Waste

Startup company Therma has developed a smart temperature and humidity sensor you can mount inside the freezer to record real-time data and send alerts...
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Can Wood Be an Energy-Efficient Alternative to Glass?

Researchers have been looking at different types of natural materials that could work as a replacement for high-energy materials like glass and one of...
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Five Amazing New Green Innovations That Can Make a Difference

This year’s Earth Optimism 2021 global summit saw five environmental tech innovations from across the globe that drew the most attention.
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New Age of Sail Promises To Cut Massive Shipping Carbon Emissions

Wind is about to make a huge comeback in shipping, with a number of experimental sail designs like hard sails, rotating vertical cylinders, and...
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